Wordy Wednesday: @deanzphotoz

Adventure Time! (Blessington Lakes, Ireland 2015)
There’s a little story with today’s photo, and that’s why I haven’t titled it Wordless Wednesday. I’ve been going on plenty of adventures lately, and really gotten into being serious about the photos I take, and the photos I share, so I decided I would set up a brand new Instagram to document/share some of these photos as well as here. I’m usual Instagram is my art one which you can find by searching “@deanzdoodlez”, but my new Instagram will be purely photos that I take, no art, just photos! So if you don’t mind, I’d like to give it a little plug! My new Instagram handle is called “@deanzphotoz” and I’d really appreciate it if you have an Instagram that you went over there and gave it a cheeky little follow! 
Go follow my new Instagram: @deanzphotoz

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    1. I’ve been running Instagram for my art called “@deanzdoodlez” for about 2 years but only just decided to set up a brand new one for my love of proper photography! ^.^

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