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What I Read In January 2016

I did some posts like this here on WBW back when I was reading quite frequently, but it got to the stage where I was only getting one book read a month, so I decided just to review them as I was reading them. In January though, I got a nice few books read, and have decided to do a What I Read In January post, as I only reviewed one of the books I’m about to mention.

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The first book I read was The Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. To get my full thoughts about this book, click here. I read this book in a matter of hours, the quickest book I ever read methinks! It’s a quick read, definitely, but had such a powerful impact on me. I loved it, and glad it was the first book of the year that I read!

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Next up, I read Binge by Tyler Oakley. Pop culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays written in the voice that’s earned him more than 10 million followers across social media. I loved this book, but to be fair, I love Tyler and all his videos.

Photo by Dean Kealy

The next book I read was The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger, and… I did not like this book… and I hate to say that, because it is rare that I read a book that I don’t like. I don’t know… I think it was because it wasn’t very action packed. Normally when I read a book there’s something that happens in it that gives you need to keep reading. I kept reading this book hoping that was coming, but 200 pages later, I closed the book and said: that was crap! Nothing happened. It was boring. And I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me on that, but I just did not like this book.

sleeper and the spindle
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And lastly in the month of January, I read The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and Illustrated by Chris Riddell. I love Neil Gaiman’s writing, and I love Chris Riddell’s illustrations, so when they work together on a book, I think it’s nothing short of perfection. I loved The Sleeper and the Spindle. It’s a fairytale re-imagined. It combines Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with Sleeping Beauty, but with a twist, and it’s nothing short of amazing! It just works perfectly! Love it, love it, LOVE it–and I recommend it the most out of all the books I read this month!

Those were all the books I read this month! I surprisingly didn’t get around to reading any graphic novels, even though I did buy two! So they may or may not make it into my What I Read In February post–if I make one! That’s it–those are the books I’ve read in January, and here’s hoping I read just as many books in February, if not more!

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  1. I used to read all of the time, but I am having vision trouble and it is getting very hard to read if the print is small. Even with my reading glasses! It makes me very sad. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to buy audio books! I still read, but it takes a long time to get through them. I have no idea why I just typed all of this here lol. Nice reviews! Keep reading! And drawing! And making cards!

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