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Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!

Hello there, and welcome to the first ever blog post of Wee Bit Wordy!

If you are reading this I am so very glad you could join me here. As you can probably guess, the blog is still in its baby steps and is still a wee bit away from establishing its visual identity. What I can tell you though, is what you can expect from A Wee Bit Wordy:

I’m a big fan of creative writing, short stories and poetry, so expect to find one or two of them here.

I’m also a bit of a geek! I love comic books, graphic novels and anything sci-fi, so expect lots of TV show chatter, Movies and books etc.

And I also tend to get a wee bit personal, so there’ll be the odd personal update or two as well!

So there you have it, that’s me, A Wee Bit Wordy, I hope you stick around and have a cuppa tea and chat and see what I have to say!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!”

    1. Thanks so much Linda! Dean was so kind to introduce me to all the blogs here that he follows! Can’t wait to be as prolific at blogging as he is. 🙂

      1. Well you have an excellent guide, that’s for sure. 😀
        Just a suggestion – if you put a ‘follow’ widget in your sidebar, and/or a check box below your comments, people will be able to follow you by email. I know a lot of bloggers do it that way.
        If you need help with it, just let me know!

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