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Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!

Hello there, and welcome to the first ever blog post of Wee Bit Wordy!

If you are reading this I am so very glad you could join me here. As you can probably guess, the blog is still in its baby steps and is still a wee bit away from establishing its visual identity. What I can tell you though, is what you can expect from A Wee Bit Wordy:

I’m a big fan of creative writing, short stories and poetry, so expect to find one or two of them here.

I’m also a bit of a geek! I love comic books, graphic novels and anything sci-fi, so expect lots of TV show chatter, Movies and books etc.

And I also tend to get a wee bit personal, so there’ll be the odd personal update or two as well!

So there you have it, that’s me, A Wee Bit Wordy, I hope you stick around and have a cuppa tea and chat and see what I have to say!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to A Wee Bit Wordy!”

      1. Well you have an excellent guide, that’s for sure. 😀
        Just a suggestion – if you put a ‘follow’ widget in your sidebar, and/or a check box below your comments, people will be able to follow you by email. I know a lot of bloggers do it that way.
        If you need help with it, just let me know!

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