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Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

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Image from Google Image Search

Its been three days now since I got back, and I’m still shaking, I can barely write this now as it is. Such turbulence–egads no, good Sir! Stop ranting and proceed.

The date was the first day of April, 1920. My good friend Jim had just arrived from the country to see me here in the big smoke. Jim is a scientist, you see, an inventor, if you will and enjoys tinkering and altering devices and toys of all sorts to do all sorts of confounded things. On this particular day that he arrived, he greeted me with open arms and a big smile upon his face. The man was ecstatic.

“What has you so jolly, my good friend?” I enquired.

“My time machine!” he grinned, rooting into his satchel and pulling out a parcel wrapped in brown paper.

“I beg your pardon?!?”

“Good grief, Daniel, no need to react like so!” he said unwrapping the parcel. “Here, I’ll show you.”

Jim removed the packaging to reveal a small box-like machine. It had a lever with a knob on it, a dial with numbers on it and what appeared to be a keypad, with the numbers zero through to nine inscribed on them.

“I’ve never seen anything like it!” I exclaimed, examining the machine in awe. “Where did you get it?”

“Daniel, my good pal, sure I created it myself, didn’t I!”

“Well then, good Sir, a time machine you say. So how does it work?”

“Quite simple, in fact. There are a lot wires and chemicals and what-not within the device, so all you have to do is dial the year in which you desire to travel to, and simply be there in seconds!”

“Marvelous! Let’s try it shall we?”

“Be my guest!” Jim said handing me the time travelling device.

I placed it down on my kitchen table and entered 4 digits, pressing them at random: 2, 0, 1, 4.

“What now?” I asked.

“Pull the lever, of course!”

I grabbed the knob and pulled it down. There was a whirring noise as the motion of pulling the lever activated all the scientific what-not within the machine.

The room began to spin, the floor felt as if it was shifting from beneath me. “Good heavens!” I remarked. The room started to slow, things around me starting to come into focus, the floor beginning to steady.

“Now, Daniel! Pull the lever back up!”

I did as I was told and pulled the lever, everything coming to a sudden stand still. Frozen solid in time.

I took in my new surroundings–those belonging to the year 2014.

The people were dressed so unusually. None of them in attire that remotely resembled what we wear now. The women hardly wore a thing–trousers?!? What gives.

And the buildings they were oh so tall and very futuristic!

What are those wires hanging from peoples ears? Are they deaf or something? Not all of them seem to require them. Some are holding devices to their ears–whatever could they be?


“I know, its crazy, right?”

“Why aren’t they moving?”

“Yes, you see I haven’t quite fixed all the faults in my time machine yet, and this is the only way we can use it for the time being, without causing a rift.”

“I–I don’t understand! Take me home, Jim!”

“Aye aye, Cap’n!” Daniel took hold of his contraption and dialled in our home year and pulled the lever down quickly before pulling it back up again. “Hold on tight!”

So there you have it, whether you believe it or not, that was my glimpse into the future, and believe me when I say I shall never forget it. Do we really become like that in the future?

Only time will tell!


Written in response to this weeks Weekly Writing Challenge!

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