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Wee Bit Wordy 002

So I started the week off on Monday with great intentions, intending to make a post for everyday this week. Looks like that never happened! Anyhow, here I am sitting at my desk, looking to write something and not a clue what to write, so forgive me if I ramble on, because I am just going to sit here and write. And then hit publish. Why? Sure, why the hell not?

Today I was in work from 9am to 6pm. When I returned home and got some dinner, I was called into my neighbour’s house to help her take apart her children’s bunk beds and help assemble their new individual beds. Great, no rest for the wicked. In about half an hour we had the bunk bed taken apart and then we got cracking on the two new beds. It took minutes to put together the first one, as it was the smallest of the two beds, and then we had the second one together in no time at all after that.

That’s my day basically, as I came back home then after the beds were made, and now here I am typing aimlessly here. Enough about me! How was your day? How are you? Talk to me!


2 thoughts on “Wee Bit Wordy 002”

  1. Sounds like a very busy day! How very nice are you to help your neighbor like that! I’ve been keeping an eye on the snow today, watching it fall lazily down. I’m also dreading the drive to work at 6am in the morning! We are supposed to get freezing rain. NOT fun to drive on!

    1. Sorry to hear that >.< we are currently going through a bad spell with rain here in little ol' Ireland–thankfully no snow yet, but there has been mention of it off the lips of one or two people! 😮

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