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WBW Book Corner: Somewhere (Elsewhere)

So normally here on the WBW Book Corner, I give my intro, as so, followed by the summary that Amazon provides for the book that I am spotlighting! Today, though, I shan’t be doing that, as Amazon didn’t have a summary for this book! What book? It’s called “Somewhere(Elsewhere)” and is a short story collection featuring the works of Roddy Doyle, Michel Faber and many more. But then I realized that was on the UK Amazon website. Then I tried the US Amazon, and this is what it has to say:

somewhereSomewhere is the land of the imagination

Somewhere is a world of fantasy and dreamscapes, the dark and beautiful legends of elsewhere. This anthology features writing from Roddy Doyle, Michel Faber, Jen Hadfield, J. A. Hopkin, Jackie Kay, Margo Lanagan, Alberto Manguel, Garth Nix, Gillian Philip, James Robertson, Robin Robertson, and Louise Welsh.

This was a great collection of short stories. Normally I don’t like reading short story collections, even though I am a prolific short story writer myself. I think short stories should be read one at a time at one sitting, but with this, I found myself jumping straight out of one story, into the next!

As opposed to telling you about each individual story, I’ll tell you about one or two to give you an idea:

A Flash Of Blue Light by Michel Faber

A German lady gets abducted by aliens and landed back on Earth on England. A confusing squabble with the police occurs.

-Kindred by Jackie Kay

The main character, who is completely paralyzed tells her story from her hospital bed of how her mother reads sci-fi books to escape reality.

-Los San Patricios by Roddy Doyle

An author is signing his new book about the myth of Los San Patricios when a strange character approaches him about the real myth and strange things ensue.

So there you have it! Apologies this post went up super later than usual, but I’d rather it went up later than never! I’ll see you guys back here on SATURDAY for a special one-off post (something a little different from the schedule) and then AGAIN on Sunday (all going to plan) for my weekly Building Rome post! đŸ˜€

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