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WBW Blog Spotlight!

Welcome to Wee Bit Wordy’s newest segment “Anything Goes” where Tuesday’s blog post is free for anything! This week, I want to throw the spotlight on some new blogs(to me) that were brought to my attention in the past week!

The first blog, Jak & Cimmy’s Journal, is an amazing blog and is so inspirational! Please be sure to check it out. Here’s what they have to say about the blog:

A Journal Jar is, basically, a mason jar or other canning jar filled with little slips of paper that have questions on them.  Every day, you pick out one slip of paper and read the question and then write a journal entry in answer.  In this way, you end up with a nice, informative journal filled with memories and information that, when people read it, they can come to know what sort of person you are, or were as the case may be, just by reading your journal. This blog is based on the same basic principle.  Of course, since this is a public blog, you’re more than welcome to browse our archives and use some of the questions we’ve answered there for your own journal or blog.  All we ask, if you use this for your blog, is that you link back to us here.  Happy blogging and enjoy reading our answers.

The second blog, TechsWrite, is a little more techy! The blog was set up by a lady called Michelle Shannon alongside Jaklumen, but now the blog primarily run by Jak. Here’s what Jaklumen has to say:

I started my computing experience in the early 1980’s, oh, say 1983 or so, with an Apple II, just before the advent of the Macintosh computer.  Computing was an underground hobby for me; I quietly read issues of COMPUTE! magazine and experimented with a little BASIC programming for starters.  Over 25 years later, I’m starting to piece together what I remember reading to today’s trends.  I call myself either a hack or a very dedicated amateur, for my formal schooling was little and I have no professional training.  My family did not support my interest in this regard.

I have to say I was very impressed (and quite taken aback, actually) when I was approached by Jaklumen to do this spotlight. Its the first of its kind here on Wee Bit Wordy, and I think now is the perfect time to say don’t be shy and ask if you would like to have YOUR blog featured here on WBW! Comment below or on the WBW about page if interested.

Before I go, I’d like to throw your attention to one other blog:

The Dragon’s Lair is a great little blog that chronicles the adventures of not only a fictional character, but a Princess, too.

That’s it for today, tune in on Thursday for WBW Book Corner, and then on Sunday for my Weekly Building Rome Update! 🙂


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