Top 5 Crime-Fighting Teams by Mark Power
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Top 5 Crime-Fighting Teams by Mark Power

Today I’m pleased to share with you guys a guest post from author of Spy Toys, as part of the blog tour being hosted to help promote his new book Spy Toys: Out of Control. SPY TOYS creator Mark Powers knows a thing or two about putting together crime-fighting teams. Here he shares his nominations for the five greatest crime-busting crews of all time.

5) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What part of that title isn’t to love? It’s hard to believe it was way back in 1984 when these amiable anthropomorphic reptiles first crawled from the sewers of Manhattan in a comic book created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (thanks Wikipedia!) A hit with children and immature adults alike, the continual rebooting of the Ninja Turtles over the decades shows how ingrained the heroes-on-the-half shell have become in popular culture. It also shows that when you have four main characters who look practically identical, giving then different coloured eye-masks is a useful way to distinguish between them. If only the creators of Downton Abbey had thought of that.

4) Mystery, Inc (AKA Scooby-Doo and friends)

For a show ostensibly about a talking dog, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? had an otherwise solidly rationalist outlook. Every mummy, werewolf, ghostly knight or rampaging ape-man Scooby, Shaggy and the gang encountered turned out to have a decidedly non-supernatural explanation (usually some wretched band of counterfeiters literally trying to make a fast buck and cooking up a fake ghost to scare the curious away). Richard Dawkins would approve.

3) The Avengers (Marvel superheroes version)

A genuine influence on Spy Toys, I love how the individual members of The Avengers each bring some unique ability to the crime-fighting party. The Hulk has super strength. Captain America is indestructible. Hawkeye has incredible aim. Thor has his mighty hammer of the gods. Black Widow…er, I’ll get back to you.

2) The Avengers (1960s TV version)

Without a doubt the most stylish of all crime-fighting teams, dapper secret agent John Steed and his string of assertive female sidekicks were a perfect 1960’s cocktail of karate-chopping action and Carnaby Street flair. Often it was the genial Steed’s female partner who provided the martial arts expertise. Such yin-yang duos, along with the likes of Starsky and Hutch, Cagney and Lacey, Mulder and Scully, etc, are all, of course, direct descendants of the greatest crime-fighting team of all time…

1) Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

The daddy of them all (not literally, although that might make for some interesting fan-fiction), Conan Doyle’s world famous sleuth and his every-man companion are rightly hailed as the greatest crime-fighting team ever created. The perfect pairing of Holmes’s astounding deductive mind with Watson’s steadfast loyalty and handy habit of asking Holmes to explain everything to him, have endeared these characters to generations of readers. All crime fiction owes them a tremendous debt.

So what have we learned about putting together a top crime-fighting team? Well, we’ve learned that it’s vital that the members of our team possess complimentary dispositions and abilities: logic and intuition, brains and brawn, bravery and caution, rule-following and rule-breaking. We’ve also learned that the name ‘The Avengers’ seems to work well, although, looking at the amount of money Marvel Studios are raking in, I suspect harsh legal consequences may follow for any up-and-coming writer who tries to use it.

Catch up with the very latest crime-fighting exploits of the SPY TOYS Dan, Arabella and Flax in Mark Powers’s new book SPY TOYS: OUT OF CONTROL. Out now. And find the author on Twitter: @mpowerswriter


Out of Control CoverToy Story meets James Bond in the second book in this incredible action-packed series!

Fresh from the success of their first mission, our heroes the Spy Toys – Dan the Snugaliffic Cuddlestar bear, Arabella the Loadsasmiles Sunshine Doll and Flax the custom-made police robot rabbit – are ready for their next task. This time, the secret code that controls every Snaztacular Ultrafun toy has been stolen and all over the world toys are revolting and turning against the children who own them.

Can Arabella disguise herself as a super-sweet little doll in order to find out more from the daughter of Snaztacular’s top scientist? Can Dan and Flax chase down Jade the Jigsaw, the puzzling prime suspect for the robbery? And can they save the day before the mind-controlled toys forget what it means to play nice?

Information about the Book

Title: Spy Toys: Out of Control (Spy Toys #2)
Author: Mark Powers

Release Date: 10th August 2017

Genre: MG

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Format: Paperback

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Author Information

mark powers b&wAuthor Mark Powers has been making up ridiculous stories since primary school and is slightly shocked to find that people now pay him to do it. As a child he always daydreamed that his teddy bear went off on top secret missions when he was at school, so a team of toys recruited as spies seemed a great idea for a story. He grew up in north Wales and now lives in Manchester. His favourite animals are the binturong, the aye-aye and the dodo.



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