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Timeless: My Thoughts So Far…

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When a mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, planning to use it to change past events to destroy America in the present, the only hope is a team of unexpected heroes composed of a scientist, a soldier and a history professor. The trio must use the stolen machine’s prototype to journey back in time to critical events, being careful not to affect history themselves, while working to stay one step ahead of the villain who would unravel the timeline and understand the mystery driving his mission before it’s too late.

Timeless - Season Pilot
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Another TV show from my blog post of Top 5 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016. I had read up on it, and all I could think of was DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  I was right and I was wrong to compare it to that. I was right, becauseit very much does compare to Legends of Tomorrow, as it’s a group of people who are travelling through time trying to stop someone from changing history. I was wrong, because it’s very different. First off, the guys aren’t super heroes. Second of all, LoT time travel into the future as well as the past, making the two shows very different.

As someone who isn’t a huge fan of history, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this show. Like I mentioned, I was sceptical as it was going into the show, but it’s growing on me. The characters have something about them, while they aren’t the strongest, and they don’t the best dynamic between them, I found there was something making me come back to it week after week. I’ve just finished watching episode 6 of the series, and finally we’ve been given the hook. There are these mysterious characters working in the background, which the people they are encountering through time seem to have encountered too. They’re controlling everything, and what happens to the lives of our main characters in the present day, which makes

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 for an interesting watch alone, to see if and how their lives are different when they return from their missions.

I’d recommend this series for fans of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and any other time-travel related show or movie that you may enjoy. If you’re a history buff, you’ll probably enjoy this too, as there are some very poignant moments in time recreated throughout.

Note: I almost never made it with this post today. I had an extremely busy day and thought I’d never get around to it, and I feared I would break my potential 30-day streak. Alas, I got to it in the end, and we can continue as normal! Phew!

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