The Weekly Word: #XmasArtChallenge2015

#XmasArtChallenge2015 created by Dean Kealy

Before we begin this week’s edition of The Weekly Word, I’d like to share with you guys an announcement I made mere hours ago over on my art blog Dean’z Doodlez! I have created a Christmas art challenge called #XmasArtChallenge2015, in the style of the 30 Day Challenges that can be found floating around the internets, but this is a 25 day one for the festive season of X-Mas. If any fellow artists here find this very interesting and would like to participate, feel free to and just make sure you include the hashtag #XmasArtChallenge2015 so I can find your entries!

OK, so now that’s out of the way, how has your week been? Has everyone recovered from their Thanksgiving celebrations? The trampling masses of the Black Friday sales, or even today’s Cyber Monday deals? Personally, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ireland, but for some reason the Black Friday sales have made their way across the seas, and stores here feel obliged to participate! In some ways it’s great though, because I myself got 3/4 of my Christmas shopping done! I only have 2 or 3 more people to buy for, and acquire a Christmas outfit and then I’m all set! Although, there is the wrapping of the presents to do also… some people find this tedious, I on the other hand find it quie relaxing and therapeutic–unless it’s a bizarre shaped present, that is, then it becomes a challenge, and a test to my gift wrapping skills!

So apart from blowing all my wages on Christmas shopping, I actually didn’t get up to that much this week. I had a few days work, nothing major, and then I spent the rest of it lounging around the internet mostly. I did manage to sit down and write a schedule for future WBW posts, and I have every Monday, Wednesday and Friday slot filled from now up until January 1st, and as well as that I have three blog post ideas for January, so believe me when I say I’m not going anywhere! I would tell you what I have planned for all those blog posts, but that would spoil the fun and surprise for you guys, and as well as that, things could change between now and then and I might swap and change posts here or there etc. etc.

This week, I am knuckling down and knocking this #XmasArtChallenge2015 into high gear! It’s a very last minute announcement, so I hope everyone who wants to partake, can, and that it’s a successful challenge.

That’s it for this week folks, until next time 😉

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