The Weekly Word: Too Many Books!!!


Where do I start with this week’s edition of The Weekly Word… maybe by saying ‘oops’? It’s been a whole week since I last posted here, and I am in a little bit of disbelief myself, because I thought I had gotten a better handle of regularly posting here on WBW. Up to now, I had been scheduling posts to go up a week in advance, but I guess you could say a gap came along where I had no ideas for last week’s posts. Anyway, I have this week’s blog posts ready to go, with the exception of Wednesday (it being Whatever Wednesday, meaning I come up with something last minute to share with you guys).

So, Mother’s Day is just around the corner (March 6th to be exact), and I spent the week drawing up my design for a Mother’s Day card to make and sell, like I had been doing with the Valentine’s Day cards. To see my Mother’s Day designs, head on over to my art blog deankealy.com to see all the WIP posts, and the final design. You’ll also find all the information there if you’re interested in getting one of the cards for your own Mother-Dearest.

A peak at my Mother’s Day card design.

I had a couple of extra days in work this week, due to a fellow staff member being unwell, but apart from that not much else has been going on. Like I mentioned, I’ve been keeping myself busy making cards, so that’s pretty much all I’ve been getting up to when I’m not working. I’ve fallen behind majorly on my reading, something I’m going to try and remedy this week. I have a 400 page book I’m about halfway through, and have been trying to finish it for nearly two weeks now, so I’d like to get that finished. I’ve also got an ever growing stack of graphic novels to read. I have a pile of 5 or 6, which was added onto with another 5 during the week, and I’m pretty sure at somestage this week I’m expecting another delivery of about 5 or 6 graphic novels… I really need to either stop buying them, or start reading them!


I think that just about covers everything for this week. I’m writing this literally just after getting out of bed, so I’m now going to go have a coffee, then come back and wonder what a load of crap that I’ve written here… 😉

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