The Weekly Word: NanoPoblano Edition Part 2

Welcome to The Weekly Word: NanoPoblano Edition Part 2

Happy Monday boys and girls! How was your week? We’re just beginning Week 3 here on WBW of NanoPoblano, so it’s time to recap on week 2!

So how is everyone getting on? I have to admit I struggled a bit towards the end of this week. It was touch and go whether or not I’d get some of the posts out. Especially yesterday’s–I felt like that one was a bit of a cop-out.

This week, on top of blogging everyday here for NanoPoblano, I decided to return to drawing comic strips on my new blog Dean’s Digest. Talk about putting yourself under pressure, eh? This week I knocked out 3 comic strips to get the blog up and running, but I think I’ll only be doing, at most 2 every week. My main concern is running out of content, but I guess there’s enough crap going on in the world to provide me with material. I also have a friend who is helping me out, so I’ll have to give her credit where credit is due.

I was also nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award, which was great! That was fun to participate in, and great for involving other bloggers and getting bloggers to know each other a little better!

This week, I hope, is going to be busy and exciting. I have a few events coming up which helpfully will tie into the blog here nicely if I play my cards right, otherwise I might be turning to The Mighty Promptosaur again if I’m not careful!

I think that’s all I have for now for this week! Be sure to head on over to CheerPeppers.com to find the list of other bloggers who are participating in NanoPoblano and be sure to share some love with them!

This week’s NanoPoblano Posts:

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Dean’s Digest: Comic Strips by Dean Kealy

…and of course, this post! I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😉

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