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The Weekly Word: More Adventure, More Photo(z)!

So my week began last Sunday, I finished writing and scheduling last Monday’s Weekly Word just in time as my friend came to pick me up. I spent a few days there where we just chilled out, had a good time etc. We didn’t get up to too much on Monday, but on Tuesday we finally got to go on an adventure. We decided to go to a place called Blessington Lakes, which is located in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, and there we had a picnic and I had my trusty camera with me so I went around taking some photos (Did you say photos? We’ll get to that in the next paragraph). Fun times were had, but alas the adventuring had to come to an end eventually and I returned home on Wednesday evening, but not before we visited my local retail outlet and did some spelunking in the toy store that’s there as well as a store called TK Max which sells a whole load of different things from clothing to household, furniture, electronics, books, you name it, this place has it. While we were there I picked up a new set of headphones to replace my recently broken ones, and I got a new multicoloured backpack, just because of the awesome colours on it and it was less than €10.

My new multicoloured backpack!
My new multicoloured backpack!
Holy Smokes, Dean! Did you just include a photo in this post?!?

Why yes, yes I did, dear reader, and there’s a perfectly amazing reason why I did so too. During the week, whilst I was off adventuring, I did something I have been thinking of doing for a while now. I love to blog, write, draw pictures, but I also love taking photographs. It’s something I have always loved doing, nearly as much as I love art, which I would dare say is my main passion. For a while now I have been contemplating whether or not to start another blog, but this one dedicated mainly to my photography, but then I was thinking that this was putting myself under a lot of pressure considering I already publish 2-3 posts not only here on WBW, but also over on Dean’z Doodlez, my art blog. I kind of pushed the idea aside, knowing I had enough on my plate, when one day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, as you do, liking all the photos and what-not, when a light bulb went off in my head. Hey, I said to myself, why not set up a seperate Instagram account and share my photography there!–and that’s exactly what I did. This way, not only do I get to share the photos I want to share with you guys, I also don’t have to be under pressure of posting a blog post every other day, or stick to having to share it on a particular day at a particular time like I do in the blogosphere. Anyway, I’ve rambled for long enough. Allow me to proudly present: @deanzphotoz!

I'd really appreciate if you checked it out and gave it a cheeky follow!
I’d really appreciate if you checked it out and gave it a cheeky follow!
So enough about that then. With me back home on Wednesday evening, it was time to return to work on Thursday and Friday. Late Friday night, some relatives came to visit for the weekend, which resulted in another adventure on Saturday! This time we went to what I guess you would call an adventure park? It’s called Tayto Park, and it has a giant roller coaster, zip line, petting zoo, you name it. It was pretty cool, and I went on my very first roller coaster and it friggin’ awesome!!! Later that night we went for a few drinks, and then I was back in work yesterday. End adventure.

So that has been my adventurous week! What kind of week have you had? I have no idea what I’m doing this week, I guess I’ll just play-it-by-ear/go with the flow, as they say. Until next time! 😉

PS. In case you missed it, I shared a book “review” of The Perks of Being a Wallflower on Friday, I’d love it if you checked that out too, if you haven’t already.

PPS. This is my 200TH POST here on WBW! Woo-hoo!!!

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