The Weekly Word: Love is in the Air!


Another week has come and gone, and another edition of The Weekly Word is here!

This week was filled with selling of the Valentine’s Cards. I’ve recently gotten into the business of making and selling my own greeting cards, and I started off with a bang, what with it being Valentine’s Day yesterday, my first two designs were for the big day, and I think I’ve done pretty well. I even managed to get the cards into two local stores. I’ve yet to go around and see how they did in total, but my gut instinct tells me they sold well. If you’re interested in seeing the designs, and/or are interested in getting your own card made for someone special in your life, or for a birthday, head on over to my Facebook page that I set up! I’m also working on Easter card designs at the minute so keep an eye out for that over there too, and over on my art blog deankealy.com.

My week started on Monday, in work, where we had a full day of stock-take, so that was fun–not! Tuesday and Wednesday were spent lazing around the house, not doing much, and it was back to work Thursday and Friday. Saturday was spent with family and then yesterday for the big Valentine’s Day, I spent it in work. Which is fine by me, because I had no reason to celebrate it other than it being Single’s Awareness Day. That more or less sums up my week. Nothing exciting. Same sh*t, different week.

This week won’t be much different. I’ve nothing planned for the week, and I’m not back in work until Thursday, so I have a nice few days to myself until then. I might ramble off on an adventure, weather permitting, so we’ll see.

I haven’t much else to report this week, so I think I’ll leave it there before I lose your interest completely. I’ll catch you back here for another post on Wednesday. Until then 😉

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