The Weekly Word: Lots of Art and Reading


Welcome to another Weekly Word. I’ve had a very busy week, and a very succesful blogging week too!

I’m pleased to announce I seem to be back in the swing of things blogging wise, and managed to get three blog posts out this week on WBW, and I even got all my Daily Sketches out over on Dean’z Doodlez with the exception of Thursday… I just don’t know what happened on that day! In related news, I’m transferring/migrating my whole Dean’z Doodlez blog to my new site DEANKEALY.COM. I wrote a whole blog post on the when and why late last night, so click here to read about that. Sorry to bore you with that, if you’re not into my art related stuff.

My main focus this week has been mostly art related. I’ve been working on putting a little project together, and so far it’s coming along real nice. I bought some new equipment, learned a new tecnique, and it’s going just right. For now, anyway.

I had a very quiet week, adventure wise, but I have started reading regularly again. Since the beginning of the year I have already plowed my way through three books, and am just getting started on my third. I hope I can keep up with this reading pattern, because I really fell at the hurdles the last few months when it comes to reading.

I’ve also gotten into watching Supernatural. I’ve just started series 1, but I’m already over halfway through. I’m at episode 16 as of this blog post. I’m absolutely loving it, considering I found the first two episodes a little hard going. I have 11 series to catch up on, at 22 episodes a series–that’s a lot of TV!!!

That’s all I really have to share with you guys for my weekly update. I’m busy focusing on the final elements of getting the transfer between my two art blogs just right, so excuse me if I’m a bit absent this week. I’ll try and squeeze something in here for “Whatever Wednesday”, and I think I may just have a post lined up for Friday. So until then, ;).



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