The Weekly Word: Let's Catch Up!

We need to catch up boys and girls! Today marks 2 weeks since the last Weekly Word, and that just won’t cut it!

So what have I been up to? Well, Nothing major really, if I’m totally honest with you. Just going through the motions. Can you believe this is the last blog post I will share here in the month of May? We’re already coming into June and I can’t believe it. I’ve been setting up my Bullet Journal for the month of June, putting in the important dates, and all the things that I know so far that I plan to do.


We need to have a chat folks. A chat about this blog, and my other blog, my baby, DEANKEALY.COM–so recently I have been putting a lot of my attention into this blog, posting here three times a week, but in the process neglecting my art blog. It got to the stage where I was lucky to remember to post there at least once a week, and I’m not happy with that. I recently started a new community project over there called #SaturdayScribblers. Over there, on a Friday I will share a random scribble, and what I invite YOU to do is to take that scribble and turn it into a drawing or an illustration based off of what you see in the scribble. When you share that scribble (whether it’s on the Saturday or another day throughout the week, it doesn’t matter), all you have to do is tag it with #SaturdayScribblers, and link back to the scribble the drawing is based off. The problem with this is having the time to do that and maybe one or two other bits over there if I’m sharing things over here three times a week. There has to be a sacrifice, and I think that sacrifice should be my Wednesday Blog Post slot here on WBW. I feel if I don’t have to worry about that third blog post here, it will give me time to prepare #SaturdayScribblers for you guys, and maybe another blog post during the week for deankealy.com too. I’ve also caught the video bug, and want to start recording myself drawing and sharing my doodles, so I’ll probably be doing that too. I did a live video event of the #SaturdayScribblers drawing of this weekend just gone, and had lot’s of fun doing it!

the current #SaturdayScribblers logo, which I think I’ll be redesigning.

So that is more or less where I am at. I hope you understand, as it is really quite difficult to operate two blogs at once, and I want to put as much focus into one as I do the other (and to think I wanted to start a third blog!).

Moving on, this week is going to be very eventful. The launch for Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray is on Wednesday, and then there is a gig I am going to on Friday after work. I’ll tell you all how that get’s on in next week’s The Weekly Word.

How has your week been?

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