The Weekly Word: Kells Hay Festival

weekly word april 16Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Word! This week wasn’t the most exciting week. The only day that I feel worthy of note is Saturday, when I went to the Kells Hay Festival.

The Kells Hay Festival is basically a weekend event where authors, poets and artists alike gather together in the small town of Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland for talks, readings and musical events. It’s a great time, and you can pick and choose who you want to go see over the whole event, and only pay for who you want to see, which I think is great, and means you’re not forking out 50 quid for a bunch of people you might not be even want to go see.

So who did I go see, I hear you ask? Well, they’re some people I really admire, but you’ve probably never heard of them, depending on where in the world you’re from, or what kinda stuff you’re into.

First up was Michael Carroll. He writes comics for 2000AD, a UK based comic book, and he has also written a handful of books throughout the years for young adults, both through publishers and self published. He basically spoke with us about his career in writing, how he started and all the work he wrote and published in chronological order.

Next up was Maura McHugh. I first was introduced to the work of Maura McHugh when she co wrote a comic book called Roisín Dubh with the owner of my local comic book store. She then went on to work with Dark Horse Comics to co write a comic book series called Witchfinder along with author Kim Newman. She did a talk on  comics through history and the graphic image and how it’s been used through time.

The main event of the day for me was seeing artist PJ Lynch along with author Siobhan Parkinson. I went mainly for PJ, but Siobhan was surprisingly very interesting too! He recently worked on a book of short stories that was compiled by Eoin Colfer, and he basically spoke with us about how he came about being the artist on the book, the short deadline he had to draw so many illustrations, and the methods he used. While they spoke with us, PJ did a large A1 sized charcoal illustration live on stage which was great, getting to see him work was amazing–he made it look so easy. He basically had a complete illustration in appprox. 30 minutes–unreal!

And lastly I went to see Rhianna Pratchett. Rhianna is the daughter of the late Sir Terry Pratchett and is basically a writer for video games. She did a QnA session with Maura McHugh (see above) about her career in video games and the evolution of writing in games and how it’s becoming more relevant and important that games have actual decent stories in them as opposed to the game being created and then some badly written dialogue thrown into it afterwards.

My one regret for the day was that I didn’t take more photos. I have literally no photos to share with you guys and that just depresses me to be honest. Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys for this week. I’ll see you all back here next week for another edition of The Weekly Word! 😉

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