The Weekly Word: It's My Birthday!


Hi guys! Today is my Birthday, so I have decided to write this the night before because I don’t know what I will be getting up to today, so this is in preperation/advance, in case I don’t get around to writing it!

This week gone by, I didn’t do an awful lot. Monday was a total mess. I didn’t get up until noon, and then I spent the day watching the new TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (which is awesome!) and Super Girl. I also spent the day playing Sims 4, so that made the day a total write off altogether.

Tuesday was very similar. I had all the intentions that day, but it started to rain, so that put a stop on that. Wednesday’s intentions were to do Tuesday’s plans, but I got a phone call asking to cover a shift in work, so that ruined that. I didn’t mind though, because it just means a bigger paycheck for next week.

Eventually I got around to what I wanted to do on Tuesday on Thursday. I didn’t get into town until around 4:30pm, but that was plenty of time, as I got all my missions done in about 10 minutes. I then went into my local bookshop, Blackbird Books, and picked up a book and had a caramel capuccino before going into work at 6pm. Friday was very much the same–I went into town and had a coffee before going into work. Saturday was spent watching TV and playing Sims 4, and Sunday was spent in work.

Not a very exciting week, but that’s the week it was. I’m hoping this week will be a bit more exciting, it being my birthday and what-not, so I’ll catch you all back here next week to regail you with some adventures, hopefully!

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