The Weekly Word: In Which Weekly Goals Return!

Welcome to another week here on WBW, and another edition of the Weekly Word where I tell you how my week has been! So this week I decided to stay put. Yep, not an adventure was had. I felt I needed some home time, between work and going off adventuring, I hadn’t spent that much time at home, so that’s exactly what I did. On Monday I stayed home and did some chores, wrote some blog posts, took some photos and cooked dinner–a productive day, wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of photos–that’s right! I finally acquired my brand new camera. ‘Tis a Canon EOS 300D, an oldie, but perfect for me. This is my first proper digital SLR camera so I decided to start of with a simple one to begin with, and then when I feel the time is right, upgrade to something a little more modern. I took a nice few photos of the dogs, and they look good from what I can tell from the little screen on my camera, but I’ll have to wait until my CF card reader arrives in the mail before I can tell exactly how good of a photographer I am. Also in photography news, while I am at it, I’d like to point you once again in the direction of my Instagram, @deanzphotoz. Over there I am currently posting some photos I took a few years ago on my film SLR, which just so happens to be a Canon EOS 300, the film version of the digital SLR I just bought–see, I know what I’m doing ;). There are some photos there of the beautiful city that is Amsterdam, and there will be a few other ones going up as I make my way through the disk.

My new baby, the Canon EOS 300D.
My new baby, the Canon EOS 300D.
Nothing much else to report for the week’s happenings, really, other than I ventured downtown on both Tuesday and Wednesday to attend to other business work/financial related, and then returned to work Thursday, and have been doing so since.

On Friday, I posted my review of The Black Lotus by Kieran Fanning. Check it out if you haven’t already!

I have no plans for this week, but hey, things have been very much spur-of-the-moment lately, so who knows where the week will take me. I do know I want to do a few things, and have made a list of them. I like lists, and I feel like I have missed them very much here on my weekly update posts. I used to do them religiously here on WBW when I first started doing the Building Rome project, and I think it’s time enough that I brought them back, don’t you?

Let me see now, what way did it go again? Oh yeah!


  • Break out the bicycle once again–it’s been locked up all summer, time to dust it off!
  • Go on an adventure to take some photos!
  • Upload photos from CF card onto laptop with new CF reader that should have arrived by now!

I think I’ll leave at that this week, gradually break back into this routine of doing weekly goals. AND, so concludes this week’s edition of The Weekly Word! Thank you very much for joining me, I hope you enjoyed our little catch-up, and hopefully I’ll catch you back here this time next week to see how I got on. Until then ๐Ÿ˜‰

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