The Weekly Word: In Which Time Escapes Me

I swear the weeks keep getting shorter and shorter… Hello there everyone, it’s Monday once again!

This week, if you’ve been trying to keep up with me, just up and disappeared! Not only was I a day late with my Friday post (hence it going up on a Saturday), but I didn’t even get a Wednesday post out, let alone a Wordless Wednesday–how hard is it to upload a photo with one caption?!? I really need to get my act together!!!

Phew, now that I have that out of my system, let’s move on shall we?

So yes, I did indeed post at the weekend, and it was called In Which I Geek About: Nimona, Star Wars and Lego, and I would very much appreciate it if you were head on over to it and give it some love, as I don’t think it did get it’s usual audience due to it being a day late. Sorry again about that.

What did I get up to this week then:

Monday, I was unexpectedly called into work, to cover a shift, which was great, because more hours for me means more money, and more money means more stuff I don’t really need but buy anyway–see above link for blog post with mentioned stuff I don’t need but buy anyway.

Tuesday, I took a little shopping spree as I received some extra money that I had been expecting due to a back log in paper work and other boring business stuff you don’t need to know about, and I went and bought the stuff mentioned in the post in the link above, which is also stuff I don’t need but buy anyway–I’m starting to see a pattern here!

Wednesday, I went and helped out my aunt who is doing up both her front and back gardens. We have a family event coming up this coming weekend so she asked me to help make the gardens presentable for people.

Thursday, I was in work all day. Nothing else to add to this.

Friday, I played Sims 4 all day before heading in to work for a puny 6-9PM shift. I really hate three hour shifts, especially when I get them on a Friday evening and on a Saturday.

Saturday, I had a puny 1-4PM three hour shift. Again I hate these shifts, but don’t mind when they are midday, because I get to sleep in for an extra hour or two in the morning, which I did, and then afterwards, I went to my local bookstore, Blackbird Books, and had a mocha while catching up with all things new and happening in the bookshop world at the minute. I was very tempted to buy several books, but somehow mustered the energy to restrain myself. I bought a cookie instead.

And that brings us to Sunday, and what is a Sunday, if I am not in work, aye? I don’t mind Sundays though, as it’s always without fail a 12-6PM shift (standard Sunday opening hours here in little ol’ Ireland) and it means I get an extra few hours in bed, and home in the evening to enjoy a lovely Sunday roast dinner!

I set myself some goals last week, let’s see how I did:

  • Break out the bicycle once again–it’s been locked up all summer, time to dust it off!

Indeed I did, even though I did only go out once on it, but I went out for at least an hour, which wasn’t too bad. There was a lot of cobwebs to dust off, haha.

  • Go on an adventure to take some photos!

Unfortunately this didn’t happen, but I may be concocting some plan to make this happen this week.

  • Upload photos from CF card onto laptop with new CF reader that should have arrived by now!

I did this! It worked perfectly, I have them edited and emailed to myself, and stored and ready to go up onto my Instagram within the next week or two! (Follow me: @deanzphotoz)

Wow, I’ve rambled on quite a bit this week! I don’t think I’m going to continue with the goals thing, to be honest. I keep forgetting I have them set for myself, and trying to remember them is just more effort than it’s worth. Also, I expect things to pick up as we draw closer to Halloween and other holidays, so I doubt there will be much shortage of things for me to be doing!

OK, so I think that just about covers everything, so until next time 😉

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  1. I can relate to the weeks seemingly speeding up. I need to set a few weekly goals again. Maybe. In fact, that can be my goal for this week: to set a few goals for next week. 🙂

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