The Weekly Word: In Which There's Two Types of Painting Happening!

Hi Guys! Welcome back to WBW’s The Weekly Word!

How’s your week been? Mine was good. I visited a friend for a few days, but apart from that, not much else happened. I had a real lack luster week here on WBW, blog post wise, and only ended up sharing last week’s Weekly Word post with you. I had every intention of sharing a Wordless Wednesday post, unfortunately time escaped me, as it did with Friday’s post.

When Friday came around I had nothing I felt really strongly about sharing with you guys. I haven’t read anything great recently, and haven’t seen anything great in the movie world either, so I had nothing to review as such. I did feel like doing a lifestyle blog post, but I’m kind of holding onto them for another week or two. Why? As I am writing this, I am in the process of having my room done up. I’m currently waiting for the walls to be painted, then I am going to get to work on my inner interior designer, and redo my room so that it’s both a bedroom, and a studio for me to work in. I want to keep my bed and ‘typical-bedroom-stuff’ on one side of the room, and my desk and other studio-esque stuff on the other, so that after doing some work, I can switch off and go to bed! Once it’s done, expect to see some blog posts with what will be hopefully awesome results!


In other news, I’ve picked up a paint brush again in the last two weeks. Since last Monday, I have started painting (with acrylics) again. I forgot how therapeutic it was, and I’ve actually begun working on my second piece. Everyone asks me why I don’t paint my room, considering I’m a pretty good artist, and I always have to explain to them that there’s a major difference between being able to paint an entire wall with one solid colour, and using paint to create a painting/illustration. I am too messy, as an artist, to paint/decorate. I would end up with more paint on me and the floor than on the wall! The first painting I did was a Doctor Who painting. It consisted of a combination of the 10th and 11th Doctor, and the TARDIS behind them. I used the crack in the wall from Amy’s room in the Eleventh Doctor’s episodes to split 10 and 11’s faces. The second painting, which I am still working on, is of The Flash! I love his TV show, and I thought, hey why not paint him, considering I love it so much. It’s basically a big portrait of The Flash! I can’t wait to finish it.


That pretty much sums up my week. Again, hopefully I will have a bit more for you guys in the next week or two, with my brand new bedroom/studio, and I might be able to throw together a little review post for you guys on Friday in the mean time. So until then, 😉

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