The Weekly Word: In Which It's Tuesday!

Howdy folks! It would appear Monday escaped me, which is great, as I didn’t suffer it’s gloominess it usually casts upon the day! I spent the weekend visiting my parents in Dublin, and ended up on an impromptu road trip (little over an hour’s drive) to nearby county Kilkenny. We didn’t spend long there (an hour and a half to be exact) and we did a tour of the castle there, which was more of a house than a castle to be honest. But it was a great day none-the-less. Today, in fact, I’m on another road trip to county Clare, which means I’m writing this on my phone, which is very strange, as I’ve never written a Weekly Word post on my phone!

Which leads me to my next nugget of weekly news: I got my phone back! Yay! The insurance company ended up just sending me a brand new phone instead of repairing the broken phone (apparently that’s what they do 90% of the time), and €50 later hey-presto I’m back in action! It’s great to have it back, but at the same time the constant notifications is starting to bug me as I went nearly two weeks without it and kinda adjusted to it! *opens settings, turns off all notifications*.  

In terms of blogging, I was quite proud of myself this week as I got out 2 extra blog posts! One about going to see Jurassic World (which was awesome) and then a post about a book I recently read, which was more of an opinion post, as opposed to a review (I don’t like writing reviews). 

That’s it for today. I hope to return home this evening, as I’ve already been away longer than intended and have run out of clean clothes! I may or may not do a post tomorrow on my two little road trips, (it will depend on how exciting today’s one is) we’ll see!

See ya folks, talk soon! 😉

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