The Weekly Word: In Which I'm So Excited!

Howdy folks! How’s Monday been treating you so far?

I have had an odd week to say the least. I was off from Monday through Wednesday, and pretty much slept the days away, and then on Thursday I was struck down with a head cold. I worked Thursday and Friday, despite the head cold. Thankfully I was off Saturday and slept more, and got over the worst of the head cold so I only have a little sniffle now. This also explains why you didn’t get any new blog posts from me on Thursday or Friday, as I was just about able to go to work, let alone muster up the energy to think of something to blog about–so apologies for that, not that I should be apologising in the first place.

Also on Friday, I made the final payment on the pre-order for my brand spanking new PlayStation 4! Now, before you go “but how can you pre-order it if it’s already out?”, well, I am getting a limited edition PS4, which is being released alongside the brand new Batman: Arkham Knight game! The PlayStation is silver, as opposed to the regular black(or white) versions that are available, and it has a Batman silhouette stencil on it too, which is pretty kick-ass! The bundle I am getting also includes the new Batman game with it as well as a load of other cool DLC’s and other stuff that you probably don’t care about if you’re not a gamer–here’s a pic of it:

Image via Amazon

This is being released tomorrow, so you can guess what I’ll be doing for the rest of the week, which leads me nicely into the next part of this post: my mother and some close friends are going away to Spain for a whole week in the early hours of Tuesday morning(tomorrow), they leave for the airport around 4am, and they’re flight departs at 7am, so I’m basically going to have the whole house to myself for a whole week–playing my brand new PS4!!! So, if I do disappear from the internet for some time, I do apologise, and I hope you know why *coughs and points to the picture above*. Last week I mentioned that I was bored, I think this might just solve that boredom, don’t you? If you’re a fellow PS4 player/gamer, comment below, I’d love to know you’re thoughts on the console/other gaming conversations!

So, yeah! I’m going to have the house to myself for a whole week, huh? Don’t worry though, I won’t be locking myself in altogether. I’m going out for lunch on Wednesday with my Dad, who is coming up from Dublin for the day, so that will get me out of the house for a few hours, I have to work Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and I hope to have some friends over as well at some point during the week. I’ve been left some chores to do, feed the pets, washing up, general upkeep of the house etc, so there’s no fear of me becoming a recluse for the week, thank goodness!

Well, I think that about covers it for this week. Like I said I’m getting my new baby tomorrow, so I’ll probably be back here Wednesday for another Wordless Wednesday and I’ll think of some kind of PS4-related post to share with you guys on Friday, even if it’s just a few words on what I think of it, and all that jazz! See you soon 😉

The Weekly Word is my edition of The Building Rome Project created by Green Embers.

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