The Weekly Word: In Which I'm Getting My Head Back In The Game!

I’d like to thank my friend Sarah for linking me to this video. Even though I’m not the biggest HSM musical fan, it did help to give me the much-needed kick in th arse I deserve/need. For the past two weeks (if not more–I can’t quite remember), not only have I not posted a Wordless Wednesday, I haven’t posted a Friday blog post either! I know, the shame/scandal! Thankfully, though, I think I may have enough material to make TWO blog posts: one for this Friday, and one for the following Friday. I also will schedule some Wordless Wednesday’s as soon as I finish writing this post! If you don’t know, I have an Instagram (username: @deanzphotoz) where I share my photography, so I have no excuse as to why I shouldn’t be posting Wordless Wednesday’s!

I think my lack of posting comes down to how little I am blogging in general. My art blog is in hiatus and starting up again in the New Year, so I think that because I’m not blogging regularly for that, I’ve become a little lazy over here on WBW. But that stops as of THIS POST, because I really don’t have any excuses as to why I should missing blog posts! I only work part-time, so that means I only work 3-4 days a week (max). I guess a lot of it can come down to wanting to post stuff I’m happy with, because if there’s one thing I hate doing, its publishing a blog post just for the sake of uploading a blog post! It really gets on my nerves, especially in the last 6 months or so, and with that I will tell you I’d rather post nothing, than something I’m not happy with.

So this week, if you’re wondering, is the reason why I shall have enough material for the two Friday blog posts. We got the whole interior of the house re-painted in a fab duck egg blue. Now, when I say it’s a duck egg blue, it’s technically white, with duck egg blue running through it to give it a hue.  I love it! My room was repainted too, so I took the opportunity to redo my room completely. I would divulge as to what I’ve done, but then I wouldn’t need to make the blog posts! I can’t wait to share it with you. Because of the painting, I really did nothing all week. Thankfully we have a neighbour who we have become very close with in the past two years, almost to the point where we’re family to each other, and we spent the few days the painters were at work in their company, as opposed to a house full of paint fumes.

That pretty much rounds up my week. Fun times ahead folks! Until next time 😉

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