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The Weekly Word: In Which I'm Awfully Boring

Hello internet, this is weekly update broadcast, The Weekly Word, here on WeeBitWordy! How are you on this fine Monday?

Can you believe that we’re at the end of August already? It only feels like last week that August started… the kids have all started going back to school here too, after the summer holidays. Tomorrow is September. Halloween/Christmas are only around the corner!!! AGH!!!!

I have to say, I haven’t a great deal to report this week. Since last week, I haven’t done any adventuring. I went to visit a friend on Tuesday, we had some drinks, played some Monopoly, and then I returned home on Wednesday. That is it… I can’t believe I haven’t had an adventure this week, and it’s looking more than likely that an adventure won’t be had this coming week either as I have a few extra hours/days work, and I doubt I will be getting up to much.

I didn’t do an awful lot at home this week either–very drab all together… goodness, I’m starting to bore myself. I took a few photos for my Insta @deanzphotoz, and that’s about it. Relatives visited on Thursday, I relaxed at home all day Saturday. My laptop finally updated to Windows 10 (which is awesome) and I was in work… that is it!

ICYMI: Check out the review I posted on Friday of Trapdoor To Treachery by Irish author Kieran Fanning. This is the first book in a series of four he self published a number of years ago, and has just published a new book called The Black Lotus with the publishers Chicken House. I’m currently reading this at the moment and loving it, so expect a review of that here in the next week or two.

That’s all I have to say for the moment… sorry if I bored you… wasted your time and what-not, but life, I guess, can’t always be an adventure! Until next week. 😉

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