The Weekly Word: In Which I Was Really Sick

weekly word april 16I have to admit that this week was fairly uneventful for me. On Monday and Tuesday I didn’t get up to much, just caught up on some chores, etc, before taking off to Dublin on Wednesday for a quick trip to see my Dad and Grandad in advance of Father’s Day, because I was working yesterday. I returned home Thursday, just in time to go to work an evening shift, before succumbing to a sickness. I don’t know what it was, whether it was just a really bad case of indigestion or a bug, but it knocked me for six for two whole days! Yesterday  was the first normal day I had, and thankfully whatever it was seems to have left me. My apologies for this being so short and sweet, but I can promise you that next week‘s The Weekly Word will be far more eventful as I am going to the Kells Hay Festival, and shall hopefully have lots to report back on that! Until then… 😉

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