The Weekly Word: In Which I Was Jack Sparrow

Welcome back folks! How was your Halloween weekend? I had a great Halloween dressed as the rum-swiggin’ swashbuckling pirate of the Caribbean that everyone loves: Jack Sparrow

Me as Jack Sparrow. Filter via Snapchat.

I had a great weekend, and drank a little too much rum if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I loved my costume so much, and it only cost me in between €15-20 altogether between having to buy a few bits and using other bits of clothing that I had in my wardrobe. I tore up 2 t-shirts–one for my waistcoat, and one for my sash/belt to keep my sword in. My face was done using Snazaroo face-paint which was awesome because I was in no form yesterday when I woke up to be cleaning make-up off my face.

I really enjoyed my weekend because all I did this week was work! I literally only had Wednesday off since last Monday! I will probably be working a lot more than usual between now and Christmas, what with it only being two months away now, so I don’t expect too many days off, which isn’t great because I’ll be looking for time to sit down and write some blog posts for you guys. For example, I never got to write a Friday blog post, but if I was smart I should have written and scheduled it on Wednesday for the Friday. But I’m not, and I didn’t. This week I have a few extra days work too, but their only silly little three hour shifts, so they won’t take up too much of my time, and I am off this coming Friday, so hopefully between now and then I’ll be able to throw something together for you guys.

Speaking of throwing things together, I made a little (ok maybe it wasn’t that little) announcement over on Dean’z Doodlez on Thursday. For the past month or two I have been on hiatus from blogging my artwork/sharing my artwork online, but last week I got a real urge to start again. I’ve refreshed the blog, new header theme, etc. and I shall hopefully be posting there a lot more frequently from here on in! In fact, you should head on over there right now, I have a new blog post going up in and around the same time as this one! GO!

This is my song of the week! I’m absolutely obsessed with it! <3

That pretty much covers it for this week! How did your Halloween celebrations go, or did you celebrate Halloween, or what did you do instead? I want to know! That’s it from me for this week so until next time 😉

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