The Weekly Word: In Which I Love Comics

Welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Word, the weekly blog post in which I keep you up to date with all my goings on!

So this week wasn’t the most exciting. I was called into work for an extra shift on Tuesday, before taking off to Dublin to see my dad for a belated birthday visit. I returned home late Wednesday night after visiting grandparents and my monthly visit to my local comic book store.

Speaking of comic books, how did you guys like Friday’s review/spotlight post on Skottie Young’s “I Hate Fairyland” #1? This is something I very much enjoyed writing, and sharing with you guys, and it made blogging exciting for me again for the first time in a while. So, with that, I’m considering removing my Wordless Wednesday segment, and replacing it with a review/spotlight of either a comic book or a graphic novel. Or maybe, if not every Wednesday, make it every second Wednesday? Why Wednesday, I hear you ask, and not just add it to Friday’s like my other random posts. The reason I would like it to be a Wednesday is that is the day that all new comics and graphic novels are released every week, aka NCBD (New Comic Book Day). By doing this, I would feel like I’m involving myself a lot more in the comic book/graphic novel world, which holds a big chunk of my heart as many of you probably already know. It also means that if you yourself aren’t keen on my comic book posts, it means you still get to look forward to my regular Friday post. Everybody wins.

Back to how my week has been: I’ve been doing special fx demos for the past few days (including today) and cannot wait until tomorrow is over so I don’t have to do another fake wax cut again (for this year, anyway).

What’s with the video, Dean? Well, I’m glad you asked. Another little feature I want to throw in here on the Weekly Word, even if just to grab your attention. I’ve noticed a dwindling amount of readers/responders here except for the regulars, so I’m hoping by throwing in a video at the start of each Weekly Word post, it might attract a few new readers. Also, the above song is a medley of Daft Punk songs by my new favourite band, Pentatonix. They’re an a capella group, so everything you hear in the above song was made solely from their mouths and voices! AMAZING!!!!

I think that just about covers everything for this week’s Weekly Word post. Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments, and I’ll see y’all next week where I’ll hopefully be catching you all up on my Halloween shenanigans! Until then 😉

PS: As of this post, my blog posts may be going up an hour earlier(later?) than usual for some of you, as we in the GMT timezone just put our clocks back an hour. I don’t know how it works–I just thought I should let you all know out of kindness.

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