The Weekly Word: In Which I Learn Magic!

Hi guys and welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Word, my weekly update post in which I fill you in on how my week has been!

So the week started officially on November 30, when I kicked off my #XmasArtChallenge2015 project, and December 1 was Day 1 of 25 days of drawing Christmas! Today, in fact, is Day 7, marking a week of drawing Christmas, so make sure to head on over to Dean’z Doodlez, where I’ve been drawing my heart out everyday!

And then on Tuesday, I decided to take a break from drawing and headed down to a new store that opened up just a short ten minute walk from where I live. Another store? Yes! What is it this time, Dean? This time it’s an awesome little store called ReRoll Games. What they do is sell board games like Dungeons and Dragons, and other fantasy games. It’s also now a Hub for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering! And that’s what people have just done–gathered! I’ve lived here for just over 2 years now, and didn’t realise that there were so many people in the area that were into the same kind of stuff that I was. I’ve never played Magic before, so when I went in to see what kind of place it was, I was very pleased to find them very welcoming, and very keen for me to learn how to play. I was given a complimentary “starter deck” which holds 30 ready-to-play cards, and given a crash course on how to play. Poor little old me found this all a bit much to take in, but I got the gist of it. I took my starter deck home, pondered over it, went to work Wednesday and Thursday, before finding myself itching to return to the store come Friday morning. Once there, there were a couple of other “newbies” too, so along with them we watched several matches, got help in building our decks from 30 cards to the standard 60 card decks, and pretty much then left to our own devices. I guess you could say I was thrown in the deep end, because that evening at 7pm they were holding a draft night, where a group of people get together and hold a tournee, where you pay an entree fee, play three best of three matches, and then the winner gets a prize. I didn’t do too bad considering I only started playing that day and won one best of three out of three! Everyone seemed quite taken aback at how quick I learned the rules, how to play the cards, and even how to summon some of the rarer, more difficult cards, that generally people don’t summon on their first day of playing! Who know?!?

After Friday evening, I returned to work on Saturday, went out that night for my Staff Christmas Party/night-out, got quite merry, returned home, went to work on Sunday. Today is Monday, and I am probably working as you’re reading this, so I have written this in advance the night before.

That has been my week, I hope you had a good week too. I want to know how your week went, please drop a comment and let me know! If you didn’t have a great week, and don’t want to comment that’s fine too! I hope this coming week is better for you, and hopefully I will also have an awesome week too. I’ll catch you guys next week with another weekly update. Until then 😉


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  1. I set up a new blog, have stressed about moving and am currently counting down workdays until winter break (9 after today!) 😀 Not very exciting, really 🙂

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