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The Weekly Word: In Which I Haven't Been Home All Week

Welcome folks to this fine Tuesday edition of The Weekly Word! Yes, due to my awesome forgetfulness, I did forget to get around to writing/scheduling this for yesterday, so here I am sitting at my desk hammering at the keyboard hoping nobody minds that it’s a day late!

This is me… right now! Haha!

In fairness though, I can’t say I had a quiet week. I took off for Dublin on Monday of last week, and visited my relatives before taking off to see some friends on Tuesday! I had every intention then of returning home on the Wednesday, but I was asked to stay an extra day, and well I had no real excuse as to why the hell not. I was in work Thursday evening, and made it home with just enough to get washed and dressed and ready for it–an hour to be exact. On Friday after work I decided I would go see my cousin and have a few drinks in the pub she works in. On the Saturday we met up for lunch, had a few drinks and played some pool. Sunday, I was working, but halfway through the day I got a message asking would I like to go out after work, and sure why not? I wasn’t working on Monday (yesterday), so off we went, and that’s partial to the reason why I didn’t get around to writing this yesterday. ^.^

With all that going on, I still managed to wack out a blog post for you guys on Friday. I know recently I have been a rare sight here on Friday’s, but I’d rather share nothing with you guys than write/post something for the sake of posting it. My good pal Charles from the Legends of Windemere blog posted a lovely little prompt for one and all to have a go at, and I did just that. I called it In Which I Answer the 3 Questions of Magic and you can click on that link there if you’d like to read it. On Wednesday gone, I also shared another Wordless Wednesday post, and this time it was a photo of Trim Castle from one of my recent adventures. I was particularly pleased with this photo, because the castle is quite eery in general, and the fact that it was a cloudy day made the photo even more eery!

My PS4 playing and Netflix watching has been slim to none this week, what with me not being home much, so I am very much at the same spot as I was last week with these guys, except I said I was on Series 3 of Once Upon A Time when I’m pretty sure I’m on Series 4. Either way, I haven’t been able to watch any this week.

And I do believe that wraps everything up for this week. I haven’t a clue what the next week or two have in store at the moment, August is generally a very quiet month for me, so stick around we’ll see what happens, shall we? Until next time! πŸ˜‰

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  1. I always forget that America calls them ‘Seasons’ and the UK calls them ‘Series’. Tends to throw me for a few seconds because I’m thinking it’s the same series as before, but just back from the break.

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