The Weekly Word: In Which I Didn't Get The Job

Hello there folks! It’s another Monday, and another week begins! Happy July, everyone. I hope all my American pals out there had a great (and safe) weekend celebrating your Independence!

On Friday, I shared with you guys that I went for an interview, and unfortunately I didn’t get the job. At the end of the interview, the interviewer told me that I would know by the end of Saturday whether I got the job or not. To put it simply, he said “If you don’t hear from me, you haven’t got the job”. So Saturday came and went, and I didn’t hear a dicky-bird. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! In fairness it wasn’t a terrible blow, as it isn’t as if I am not without a job, which a lot of people are there days, unfortunately. It’s just that I’m not getting a lot of hours with the job I’m currently in, and this one would have given me a more full-time position. I’ve brushed it off, and am moving on! No point in dwelling on it, as it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

Yesterday, I visited my local bookstore Blackbird Books and picked up a little beauty of a book called Tinder and is written by Sally Gardner and illustrated by David Roberts. When I say a little beauty of a book, I mean I sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting, up until 2am last night reading it!!! When it comes to books, it takes a really good book for this to happen to me, and has only happened on 3 instances in all of my 22 years so far! I hope to have a blog post dedicated to it up by no later than Friday. I wouldn’t call it a review, more of just me chatting to you about the book and my opinions on it.

My mam and co. returned from their sunny holidays on Wednesday, and normality ensued within the household. It was a much-needed break away for mam, as she hadn’t been abroad in almost 7 years! While she was gone, I learned to appreciate how much she does around the house, cleaning, laundry, cooking etc, and have made a promise to myself to help out much more wherever possible and to clean up after myself a little more. I didn’t realise how much of a messy bugger I actually was!

Phone update: I sent it away to be repaired this day last week, and am still awaiting its return. Hopefully I’ll have it back before the end of the week!

As for my plans for this week, I hope to travel up to Dublin tomorrow, even just for the day. It’s my dad and step-mam’s 4th wedding anniversary, so I want to take them out to lunch to celebrate the day. It was also my step-mam’s birthday on Friday, so I would like to see her, even though I wished her a happy birthday over the phone.

Blackbird books, who I mentioned above, are also having their official opening on Thursday evening, from about 6pm onwards, but it turns out I am working on Thursday from 6-9, and I can’t swap my shift or get anyone to cover, and I can’t call in sick, which is very infuriating. I had a quick chat with Shane, the owner of the bookshop, and he said festivities should still be going by 9pm, and that I should stick my head in any way, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It’s still a bit annoying though, as they are having a few local authors and poets attend the opening, and they shall be doing some readings too, so I’m a bit annoyed that I’m going to miss that aspect of the night. Oh well…

That’s it for this week folks, sorry it was a bit of a glum one. Hopefully next week I’ll have some brighter, happier news to share with you all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Weekly Word is my edition of The Building Rome Project created by Green Embers.

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