The Weekly Word: In Which Christmas Is Taking Over

Welcome back to the Weekly Word, the weekly update blog post where I tell you how my week has been!

This week has been quite hectic for me, between work and other things, to the point where I have neglected you fine folk who follow me here on WBW. I did mention last week that I had a plan for a blog post for every day that I usually post, but haven’t quite been able to get around to fulfilling that! If I haven’t been working (extra hours due to Christmas season), I’ve been shopping for presents, and if I’m not shopping for presents, I’ve been working away over on Dean’z Doodlez doing the #XmasArtChallenge2015 which is taking up the majority of my time. I haven’t had two minutes really. Leaving that aside, I shouldn’t really be making excuses. WeeBitWordy is something I do for fun, and if I have some time to do some extra blog posts I will, but at this stage it will probably be the New Year before I can start blogging for fun here once again, doing all my favourite things and types of blog posts that I do. For now, though, for the next few weeks, until the end of December it looks like I will be sticking to this Weekly Word post as my weekly post.


So that pretty much covers this week. Sorry there’s not much of an update this week, but as you can tell from above, that I am pretty busy. Also I am away from my usual working area today, and didn’t get time to sit down properly and write this and schedule it in advance, and for that I apologise. Hopefully there will be some normality next week, but I can’t guarantee it, what with it being Christmas and all that! Until then 😉

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