The Weekly Word: Hill of Tara

weekly word april 16
Welcome back folks. I’ve been very quiet this week here on WBW. I decided I needed a break from here, just for a few days, so I basically took Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off from posting on either of my blogs. I rarity, but it needed to be done. I also didn’t post here on Friday as part of that break, but I still made sure that my #SaturdayScribblers Prompt post went up on DEANKEALY.COM.

It was a tough week for me, we got hit with some pretty devastating news on Monday, putting me completely out of my comfort zone, so I had to take myself away from my usual surroundings and went to stay with my cousin for the few days that I was away blogging. It was nice because we were very much a distraction for each other. I can’t speak for my cousin, but I was glad of the company.

Tuesday was probably the least eventful day of the week. I popped into town for an interview for a potential course I shall be doing in September. It went well, and I think I might have it. They told me that they were willing to put be forward for the course, and that it would just be a matter of crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m excited, and there’s nothing more I can do about it now but wait.

On Wednesday we went to the Hill of Tara (see featured image). This was my first time ever at the Hill of Tara, which is really quite shocking because I have been living a mere 20 minute drive from it for the past two years. It was a nice visit, but it was short and sweet. Too short for my liking, to be honest. We were there and gone again in the space of less than 30 minutes, which I didn’t like at all because I was hoping to get to enjoy it a bit better. I would like to go there again soon, because I’ve heard it’s meant to be a really spiritual kind of place, and all that jazz, and I feel like I didn’t even get the chance to even try and experience any of that.

Thursday was payday, so I feel like I spent the day paying all my bills. I also booked my tickets for an event I’m going to in a few weeks, so I felt even more out of pocket than usual. I got some exciting news on Thursday that my design was picked for Susan’s Brave Blue Heron Books imprint! She announced the news on Saturday on her blog, you can see that by clicking here, to go over to the post on her blog, and see the design itself!

Friday was spent doing the finishing touches for Susan’s logo, as well as working on promoting #SaturdayScribblers, and doing a livestream over on the Dean Kealy Illustration Facebook page. Like I mentioned before, in a previous edition of The Weekly Word, I’m trying to put more focus on my art blog and that may mean having to sacrifice posting over here on WBW every now and again. Unfortunately, it seems that last weeks was one of those weeks. Thankfully this week things are looking like they might be getting back to normal. I have a new segment planned for Wednesday here on WBW, which will bring me back to my comic book/graphic novel roots.

That is all I have for you guys this week, I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. 😉


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