The Weekly Word: Birthday Adventures!


Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Word, my weekly update blog post where I inform you of the week I had! This week gone was my birthday, and I got three days celebration out of it!

It started last Monday, the day the day of my birthday. I made my way to Dublin. Not much happened on that day, which I didn’t mind too much because I knew that on Tuesday I was meeting my grandparents for lunch. It was great and I had a lovely time. Later that evening, I met up with my friends and we went for some dinner before going to see Daddy’s Home in the cinema. It was a strange film… and I left the theatre thinking “what the hell did I just watch?!?” haha. Wednesday I went back into the city and did some shopping before returning home late Wednesday night. I had a great birthday and got some really nice presents, which consisted of clothes and sketchbooks, both things I love!

Thursday was when things more or less went back to normal. I didn’t do much up until about 4pm when I made my way into my local bookstore and had a coffee and a chat before heading into work for the evening. Friday was pretty much a repition of Thursday except that I was heading out Friday night after work to my cousin’s birthday. I didn’t get home until 4am and spent all of Saturday extremely hungover, my ears constantly ringing and my voice almost completely inaudible. In fact, my voice still hasn’t completely returned yet. I ended the week in work, and am also in work today, so this has been written in advance for you to read at your own comfort while I’m in work counting every single damn thing in the shop for our annual stock-take.

Before I leave you guys, I want to point you guys in a different direction momentarily. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I have ventured into designing my own Valentine’s cards. If you’re interested, here’s a link to my Etsy, where I am selling them. I have also shared the designs over on my art blog deankealy.com, but my Etsy is probably the best place for you to get them if you’re interested. I would act quickly though, as you’ve less than a week now before Valentine’s Day, so the quicker you make the purchase, the quicker I can send it to you!

That’s all I have for you lovely folks today, here on WBW. Make sure to check back in on Wednesday where I’ll have another new blog post for you on Wednesday and then again on Friday. So until then 😉

PS. The song in the video above has been stuck in my head all week, so I decided to share it with you all!

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