The Weekly Word: Birdsong

Welcome back to another edition of the The Weekly Word! For those of you popping in for the first time, The Weekly Word is my weekly update blog post where I fill you in on how my week has been. This week was no different really from any other week and I didn’t do anything worth writing about, except that I got to go to a little intimate gig called Birdsong at my local bookshop.

Birdsong Promo (via Blackbird Books Facebook Page)

Birdsong was a small intimate gig held in the upstairs section of my local bookshop, Blackbird Books. It was a great night, help on Saturday night, where three very different musicians performed. The first performer was Myles Manley. I was surprised and very taken a-back when Myles first started performing, not knowing how exactly to receive his music, but it wasn’t until three songs into it, that we realised that he was a comedy musician. It was then when the others in the audience also realised the comedy element, you could really see everyone lighten up and start to chuckle in all the right places. Myles was followed my the beautiful Joy Booth. Joy’s music was very different from Myles. Her songs were melodic and sung from the heart, and you could tell that all the lyrics really meant something to her. Finally we heard from Participant. Participant, or Steve as he’s also known, performed for us with his electric guitar. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first when he first stood before us with the guitar, but once he started, it was almost… enchanting. I felt really engrossed my his music and found it very hard to get distracted by it. All-in-all it was a great night, and we even went for a few drinks afterwards in one of the pubs in the town.

Image via The Recommenders

Yesterday, I was interviewed over on my pal Brad’s blog The Recommenders. There, we he asked me some questions about how I got into blogging, so if you would like to know a little more into my background and how I got blogging, head on over there to read the interview. Both myself and Brad would be very appreciative if you did. The interview, if I’m not mistaken is part of a new series he’s running on The Recommenders where he’s interviewing fellow bloggers. I’m sure if you get in touch with him he might even interview you too, if you are a blogger.

So that was more or less my week! How was yours? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments, or link me to your weekly update post, if you happen to write one of those too. I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday! Until then😉

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