The Weekly Word: A Change of Pace!

Hi guys! You may or may not have noticed I haven’t been too active here on WBW recently, to the point where I didn’t even post a Weekly Word post last week–the first one I have missed since I started doing my weekly update posts. Even if I didn’t post it on it’s intended day, or didn’t say too much, or even not blog anything else that week, I have never missed a Weekly Word.

Things have been changing a lot for me the past few weeks. My direction has changed. I thought I was going to be a book blogger, or blogging about life and other book related things, but as you know, for the past month or two I have been persuing a new project. This project has surprisingly taken off quite well. It is DEAN KEALY CARDS. I didn’t expect it to take off so well. I started it on a whim when it was suggested that I should make someone a birthday card when I couldn’t find a particular one that I was looking for in a shop, and that’s exactly what I did, and then I decided to start selling them, and it turns out that people actually like them–I even have them for sale in 2 local stores!!! This excites me greatly. I’m going to share everywhere you can find Dean Kealy Cards online just below.


Dean Kealy Cards on Facebook.

Dean Kealy Cards on Etsy.

Dean Kealy Cards Website.

Dean Kealy Cards Instagram.

Dean Kealy Cards on Twitter!

Now, moving on, if you are not interested in my Dean Kealy Cards, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. With DKC taking off so well, and my other blog with all my other illustrations, I just can’t juggle all three. This means, I feel like I need to take a step back from one of them, and unfortunately WBW falls on the bottom of the list. My priority has always been my art, with this blog somewhere I could go to take a break from that. This will still be that, but I won’t be here very often. I might not pop in for a month or two, or post once a week with my Weekly Word posts. I’m not abandoning this blog completely, I’ll still be around. Just not as often as usual.

BUT FEAR NOT, because I shall still be on all the places linked above in this post, and if you ever wanna chat, just drop a comment, and I’ll answer as soon as I get the notification on my WP iOS app!

One last thing before I go: I am going to the Irish Premiere of Batman V Superman on Wednesday, so I may or may not pop in again here within the next week or two with how that went. Just know that my presence here will be sporadic, to say the least. So until then, ;).

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