The Weekly Word: A Book Launch and The Bookshop Band

weekly word april 16

Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Word! This week was busy, to say the least. Not only had I a book launch to attend, but I also had a gig on Friday night, which was great.

The book launch was for none other than Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray. Now, I’m sure you’re all sick to the gills with me harping on about Caramel Hearts, but please, give me this one more go–I have a valid excuse: it was my very first time attending a book launch! I was lucky enough to receive the invite from Elizabeth herself, and was more than happy to attend. Heck, I was willing to reschedule things if I had to to go to this. The launch was a roaring success. Everyone there was so nice, including Elizabeth. I don’t think I’ve ever met people who are as nice and genuine in person as they are online. I met a load of Twitter pals too, people who I had been talking with on Twitter, I finally got to put real faces to their names instead of @ symbols. And don’t you know there were plenty of treats there too, to divour. The cupcakes were divine and the wine wasn’t too bad either. Afterwards we all gathered in a nearby pub and had a jolly good time chatting away anything and everything!

What do we have here? Why, some photos of course, to help me regail more of my book launch adventures! So in this little collage, we have a pic of Elizabeth speaking, a pic of Elizabeth with  Sinead Gleeson, my copy of Caramel Hearts signed by Elizabeth, and a copy of Nothing Tastes As Good by Claire Hennessy who was also at the launch. I also ran into two other authors, who I now consider friends, as I’ve ran into them a couple of times, and they are Celine Kiernan and Kieran Fanning. Two local Irish authors whose works I love equally as much as Elizabeth’s. And lastly, photographed above is The Book of Shadows, Book 2 in the Nine Lives Trilogy, also written by E.R. Murray. The cover was announced on Friday gone, just as ARC’s started to arrive in certain peoples mailboxes, including my own! Oh the excitement! The Nine Lives Trilogy is a series Elizabeth is writing seperate from her Caramel Hearts novel and is very different in both genre and target audience. I’ve reviewed the first book, The Book of Learning, so check that out if you haven’t already, and don’t you know I’ll more than likely be reviewing (and probably loving) The Book of Shadows very soon too!

2016-06-03 22.32.41 HDR-2
The Bookshop Band @Blackbird Books

And lastly, we have the Bookshop Band gig which I attended on Friday night! When I say attented, I literally just caught the second half of the performance, as I was working late that night, but I’m glad I did go, because it was a beautiful gig, with beautiful music and beautiful people. I don’t think my description of who they are would justify it, so here’s a snippet taken from their own website, in their own words:

The Bookshop Band are Beth Porter and Ben Please. They write songs inspired by books, and play them in bookshops.

The band have recorded a whopping 120 book-inspired tunes, coupled them with musical cameos and readings from top authors such as Yann Martel, Ben Okri, Joanne Harris, Patrick Gale and Louis de Bernières and packaged each album with gorgeous illustrations. The albums will be released monthly from May 2016 onward and will be available on CD and digital in addition to the Mr B’s special edition vinyl of “Curious & Curiouser”. And there will be plenty of opportunity throughout 2016 to catch Ben and Beth on their ‘10’ Tour as they visit bookshops, festivals and libraries around the UK and Ireland, playing the tracks from their newest albums.

I definitely recommend you check these guys out, you won’t regret it because I didn’t–heck I was buying their CD’s before I had even heard them perform!!! In the photo above, you have the lovely Lorraine and Shane, owners of Blackbird Books, my local bookshop, and where The Bookshop Band performed that night, and then you have Beth and Ben themselves. Two of the nicest people ever. If I ever get the opportunity to hear them perform live again, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will probably beat you out of the way to get that opportunity!

And with that I shall leave it there. I think that is more than enough excitement for one week, don’t you? Here’s hoping next week’s adventures are just as awesome–until then…  😉

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