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The Weekly Word (9): A Spring To My Step

Hey there, March, how ya doin? Where are the months going, huh? It doesn’t feel like we’ve been in 2015 now for 9 weeks, well for me anyway! What’s up with you wonderful folks anyway? The Weekly Word is my version of the ever brilliant Green Embers’ Building Rome Project, so make sure to head on over there if you want to find out how you too can become a Building Buddy!

So, how am I, you ask? I am very well thank-you! My toe has made a full recovery and is no longer in need of any bandaging or protection. I have been meaning to get back into regular blogging here on WBW other than just the Weekly Word here, but I have to admit running THREE blogs is a handful! I have Dean’z Doodlez, which has a Daily Sketch which runs Monday-Friday; Dean’z Doodlez Comics, which updates with a fully illustrated comic strip every Thursday and now on Tuesday’s too starting TOMORROW; and then that brings me back here to WeeBit Wordy, which when it comes down to it, I just about remembered to write this here blog post! I need some inspiration for this blog, so if you have any ideas for a segment I could run here on the blog that would be great. I have been considering a Wordless Wednesday, where I share my favourite photo of the week that I have taken. How does that sound? All ideas are considered please and thank you!

I have started back at my goals, and shared with you guys last week my goals for the week just gone. Let’s go through them and see how I did, shall we:

  • Continue working on giant 24Ɨ36 inch painting of a pirate that I started last week.

This didn’t happen at all. I bought the canvas on a whim to do a painting and now I’ve lost all enthusiasm for it. I might scrap what I have started and start again with a different subject matter. The pirate just doesn’t hold the appeal anymore that it did last week.

  • Continue to stay on top of Daily Sketches (30 Day Drawing Challenge)

I’m a few days behind on this one. I should be technically finishing this tomorrow, but I still have four more days to draw, and again you can see these sketches over on Dean’z Doodlez!

  • Write a mid-week/Friday post for here on WBW


  • Cut down on Cola intake! (Again!)

WIN! Yes, I have completely erradicated all cola intake as of last Wednesday, and as well as that I have completely changed my diet. No more fatty foods, take aways, fast food etc, and all sugary drinks and snacks and junk food are gone! Just healthy eating from here on out until I see some progress!

  • Start going on 30 Minute(at least) walks on days not working (starting today 23/2/15) and watch what Iā€™m eating (no junk food).

See above for the result to no junk food, and while I have started bringing the dogs for a walk every day, its not as long as I would like! But fifteen minutes is still good, considering I am working on my feet most days of the week.


  • Plan a new painting (something Leonard Nemoy/Spock related?)
  • Post here on WBW on Wednesday AND maybe Friday!
  • Walk everyday (weather permitting) or do some exercise of some description!
  • Continue to stay off junk food and sugary drinks etc. EAT HEALTHY!

OK so I think that’s enough to keep me busy for the week! I’ll see y’all next Monday for the next Weekly Word! šŸ˜‰

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