The Weekly Word (8): Freedom and Normality

Hello again folks! Where did that week go, huh? Wait, what? I was meant to write a blog post during the week? Oops! Never mind… maybe this week? The Weekly Word is a segment I run here on WBW off the back of Green Embers’ Building Rome Project. Click the link to see all the R&R’s involved with the project and hopefully you can join in too and maybe like me, create your own version! Do you write your own weekly update post that I don’t know about? Comment below with the link and I’ll be sure to check it out!

So the last few days have been moderately quiet. I got my final dressing on my toe done last Monday, and was finally able to put my foot in a shoe! I took full advantage of this and made my way down town to the shops for the plain and simple fact that I could wear shoes on both my feet once again for the first time in a week! Normality ensued with me returning to work on Thursday, and have worked the last 4 days with today being my first of 2 days off before returning to work on Wednesday. Oh the joys of normal life…

I’m wracking my brain here trying to see if I have anything else important to tell you guys… and for the life of me I don’t think there is, so I am now going to tell you guys all the info on where else I’ve been on the inter-web this week:

Over on deanzdoodlez.com, my 30 Day Drawing Challenge is going strong. I posted day 21 yesterday and day 22 will be up at some stage today as well. Only one more week to go!

Over on deanzdoodlezcomics.com, my weekly comic strip went live on Thursday at midnight, so make sure to head on over there and check it out. This week I was running for absolutely no reason! I am also really pleased with myself as I sat down last night after work and wacked out 2 more comic strips and I am hoping to get a third one done today so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next three weeks worth of awesome comic strip goodness!
INSTAGRAM: @deanz_doodlez
TWITTER: @deanzdoodlez
… and I think that’s it! Sorry it’s so short and sweet this week, but there you have it the week is done! Maybe I should start setting myself goals again… that is after all what the Building Rome project is all about, setting yourself goals. OK here goes: (this is very spur of the moment, so yeah!)
  • Continue working on giant 24×36 inch painting of a pirate that I started last week.
  • Continue to stay on top of Daily Sketches (30 Day Drawing Challenge)
  • Write a mid-week/Friday post for here on WBW
  • Cut down on Cola intake! (Again!)
  • Start going on 30 Minute(at least) walks on days not working (starting today 23/2/15) and watch what I’m eating (no junk food).

Ok that’s all from me for this week, and I’ll see ya all soon! 🙂

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    1. I know! I had cut it out completely, and then started drinking it once a day, and now it’s getting gradually more and more to the point where I now have to cut it out completely once again!

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