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The Weekly Word (7): Toe Recovery

Howdy folks! I hope the week has been kind to you. How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope you spoiled/got spoiled your loved one! Before I begin, as usual I’m going to remind you that The Weekly Word is my own take on The Building Rome Project run by Bradley over on Green Embers. Be sure to head on over there and check out how you too can help Build Rome.

This week for me has been all about recovering. Yes, as you may know from last week’s Weekly Word, I went into hospital for the day on Tuesday to have a procedure done to have my ingrown toenail removed on my big toe. Not only did I get the nail removed, but the root as well, so the bugger will never grow back again! Sorry if your squeamish about feet. The procedure went well, and I was in and out and home with my foot resting by 2PM. I have to say there wasn’t much pain. There was a slight pinch when they injected my toe with the local anaesthetic, but after that there was only a few twinges of pain when I got home. After the first day I was in hardly any pain at all. They gave me painkillers and antibiotics, but I haven’t taken any painkillers since Friday morning. My aunt who is a nurse came over on Friday and helped me change the bandages. She was very pleased with it. It was nice and clean and the surgeon used surgical glue instead of stitches which was great, because half the time the pain is where you’re stitched up. I’m having the bandages changed one more time today and then I should be good to go in a shoe and I rang work to let them know and I’m rostered in to be back on Thursday which is great because at this stage I am starting to feel a bit of cabin fever from being housebound!

Here on WeeBitWordy I shared a blog post during the week on my favourite book of January, which was The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey and you can check that out HERE!

Being off for the week was great though! I was able to stay on top of my Daily Sketches. I shared a burst of them during the week over on and have a few more lined up and ready to go!

Over on I posted a special Valentine’s Day special comic strip to mark the occasion so please check that out and support in any way that you can!

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And that covers it for this week! I don’t think I have any other news for you. I’ll see you all next week here on the Weekly Word! 😀

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