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The Weekly Word (6): NEW NAME FOR NEW ROME

Welcome one, welcome all to The Weekly Word, formerly known as New Rome, formerly known as Building Rome, here on WeeBitWordy! I decided I wasn’t happy with the name New Rome, and when does it stop being New? So I wanted it to have a real cool kinda name, and my update here on WBW is weekly after all, and their my words, so what better name than The Weekly Word on WeeBitWordy! I can’t take all the credit though. The Building Rome Project was designed and created by one Green Embers and originates there, so if you need all the info on how it works, well all you gotta do is pop on over there!

So… it’s been less than a week since I was here last week (5 days to be specific) as I was late from celebrating Birthday Shenanigans, but I am here none the less, and on time this week! What news have I for you since Wednesday? Not much really… I didn’t do anything exciting of note… I had several days off work and took advantage of the time to do absolutely nothing! I went to “the mall” as you Americans call it, or the shopping centre, as we call it, on Saturday and picked up some graphic novels with some leftover Birthday money. What ones? Well, since you ask: Batman Vol.1 (New 52), Batman/Superman Vol.1 (New 52), Green Arrow Vol. 4 (New 52) and Manhattan Projects Deluxe Edition Vol. 1, for those of you interested. I am going into hospital tomorrow just for the day to have a procedure done to have an ingrown toenail removed (yes yuck, I know!) so I will be out of work and off my feet for at least a week while that heals, so these graphic novels will be great reading material during that time. I also have one or two other graphic novels and comics that I got recently and haven’t read yet, so them along with Netflix and my other books will keep me plenty occupied in my time of recovery.

As for my goals for the week, because I’ll be off my feet I won’t have any, but an ongoing goal I want to start is to have something to blog about every week here on WBW other than The Weekly Word. I’ve made a list of blog post titles and starting this Thursday it will begin! I have a weekly post planned out running all the way up to April 1st, which is WBW’s 1st Birthday. I’ll have to plan something special for that blog post!


Over on my newest comic strip went live on Thursday as it does every Thursday! This one was birthday related (sorry if it seems like I keep going on about it) and I was quite chuffed with how this one turned out! Let me know what you think of it!

As usual on Dean’z Doodlez (my primary art blog) I continue my Daily Sketches! I’m currently in the middle of doing a 30 Day Drawing Challenge, so make sure to check those out too!

You can also see my art and other photos I take over on Instagram, just search for me by typing in @deanz_doodlez. I’m also on Twitter! My username is slightly different there, just search @deanzdoodlez. On Twitter you get to hear me moan and rant about things in general during the week or see what else I’m up to that I might not exactly mention here on the Weekly Word.

…And I think that just about covers it for this week! Make sure to drop back in next week on the Weekly Word, where hopefully I will regail you with the tale of how brave I was and they working on my icky toe, and how I died of boredom throughout the whole week! Until then, 😉

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    1. That’s why I love making this weekly update blog post–this way I get to catch everyone up on everything that I have going on that everyone can stay connected to me via all my social networks 🙂 hope you like it ^.^

          1. Hmm… I was searching on the iPhone Bloglovin app–maybe if I try the desktop version. Anyway, at least I know it’s up there 🙂

          2. I don’t think so. While its using the WordPress OS, it’s so it works a little different than a regular WP blog. I think that’s why anyway… I pay so much every month to have it hosted.

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