The Weekly Word: Let's GO!

weekly word april 16

Welcome back my fellow bookworms! How was your week? I’ve been very busy this week! I had lots of errands to run throughout the week and then I had to prepare for what was going to be a busy weekend, and had to prepare lots of blog stuff to go up in advance!

On top of that, I decided to run a giveaway on my Dean Kealy Cards social media accounts, didn’t I. If you weren’t aware of them, you can check out here:

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On Tuesday I went out for lunch with some friends, and we had coffee and cake to celebrate a friend’s birthday which was great! Then on Wednesday I attended a new local creative writing group that has started up which intends to meet up every 2 weeks hopefully! Thursday was busy busy busy!  On top of meeting friends for lunch, I had to go shopping for clothes for the weekend, make THREE blog posts for both WeeBitWordy and DeanKealy.com, and then go to work from 6-9, come home and pack, and then I burned out. Friday was the start of my weekend, I went out with my family for a night of awesomeness. Saturday was spent very hungover. Sunday was spent in work.

Oh, I’ve also become addicted to Pokemon GO all week. Are you playing? Are you addicted too?

A very busy, but great week none-the-less. I wish I had more to report, but I think that covers it for this week. I’m going to leave you with this quote from comic book writer Warren Ellis’s newsletter. I find it very appropriate:

…Until then, remember – your internet has an off button, and so does your news. It’s okay to turn the volume down, and even to turn it off. There’s no shame in self care and pausing to take a breath before you re-immerse yourself in the world and its velocity.  ~Warren Ellis


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