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The Weekly Word (18): 300+

Welcome one, welcome all to The Weekly Word #18. How are we doing? I am doing great, apart from the fact that today was a bank holiday here in Ireland, meaning I had to work, and am only getting around to writing this right now…anyway!

What kind of week had you? Mine was good! And I don’t know if you saw, but WBW stats boomed sky high during the week with the success of my post Friday week ago. I got over 300+ views! 300!!!

Apart from that I haven’t much else to report. I went out with family on Friday night after work, hence there being no post here on Friday, and I spent Saturday recovering and have been working yesterday and today…


  • Get back on track of eating healthy!

Not this week. I went to Dublin to visit my parents after their return from their holiday to Moscow and then spent Wednesday celebrating my friends birthday. But I do promise to start again as of tomorrow.

  • Finish my book and start a new one!

I finished my book last Monday, right after posting The Weekly Word, actually and am now reading Jeeves and the Wedding Bells.

  • Keep cycling!

Not much cycling done this week. Like I said I was away for most of the week and out over the weekend. I’ll start back at that tomorrow, too!

  • Keep on top of posting on Dean’z Doodlez!

Still posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday if and when I can.


  • Back on track of healthy eating and cycling.
  • Help out aunt with gardening.
  • Finish reading book.
  • Keep on track of Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule on both blogs!

The Weekly Word is my version of Green Ember’s Building Rome Project. Click the link to see how you too can participate.

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