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The Weekly Word (17): A New Find

HEELLLOOO everybody! Welcome to the 17th Edition of The Weekly Word! Can you believe that we’re 17 weeks into 2015 already? Where is the time going at all?

How has your week been? Seriously, leave a comment with how your week has been, I love chatting with you guys! My week has been great! It started with me going out on Monday night–something that I never normally do, and I got very merry! Thankfully I wasn’t working the next day, but I did get woken at 8:30am asking could I cover a shift for someone that day, and I knew straight away that I wasn’t going to be able to as my head was still spinning as I spoke on the phone to the boss. I was meant to be off as well on Wednesday but I did end up covering that shift too, thankfully I wasn’t hung over for that! Thursday I had another day off and enjoyed the beautiful and rare sunshine that Ireland was basking in for the few days. As you know from last week I have been cycling again as I got my bicycle fixed, and have been cycling in and out of work and even taking the bicycle out for 20-30 minute cycles after work/on my day off. I have to say, cycling is the one exercise/work out that I can do and feel like I haven’t been working out! I find it very enjoyable and very much love the adrenaline rush from it too. I also ended up going out again Thursday night (quite the social bug I’ve become, eh?) but I didn’t get nearly half as drunk (I only had about 3 drinks) as I did on Monday night!

And then on Friday–(yes, Friday needs a whole paragraph to itself!)–Friday was a great day! I was working from 1pm until 9pm, but before that–y’know there actually is a really long story to it, so long that I wrote a blog post about it Friday evening which you can READ HERE! But if you want the TL;DR: I found a new bookshop, fell in love with it, it was fate. But I definitely recommend you read the post because it tells a story of how a boy found heaven the best bookshop ever! So that was my Friday!

Saturday, I was working from 1-5pm, and couldn’t help myself and returned to my favourite new bookshop, Blackbird Books, for an hour before they closed and had a coffee and picked up some books. Yesterday to end the week I met up with my cousin for a few hours and we had some chats and banter before having some McDonald’s for dinner to end the weekend nicely! That wraps up my week. Let’s move onto how I got on with my goals, shall we?

  • Keep cycling everyday!

I cycled everyday this week except for Saturday and Sunday. I’m really enjoying cycling like I mentioned above, and is definitely one of my favourite things to do at the minute!

  • Read. More.

I’m coming to the end of the book I started last week, but I am very much finding it hard to finish the last 100 pages. I flew through the book (‘Time and Time Again’ by Ben Elton) and thoroughly enjoyed it, but these last 100 pages it feels like the author is trying to wrap up the story but there probably at least another 2-300 pages of story in there if he sat down and tried.

  • Get back on Daily Sketches!

While I haven’t gotten back into Daily Sketching, I have gotten into drawing again! If you follow my art blog, Dean’z Doodlez, you’ll know I have been working again with chalk pastels, and have decided to change the frequency of my blog posts/my schedule to Monday, Wednesday and Friday, like I do here on WBW. So far so good, I started this on Wednesday gone, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up better than my daily sketches!

  • Work on stuff for your room.

I have had to put this one on a hiatus of sorts. I wanted to get lots of stuff for my room, like some more shelves for books, a wall mount for my TV, and I wanted to get rid of one of the two single beds in my room, in exchange for a sofa that can pull out as a spare bed if we have visitors. But, as you probably know/expect, funds can be an issue, and have become very low in the last week or two and just at the minute I can’t afford it.


  • Get back on track of eating healthy!
  • Finish my book and start a new one!
  • Keep cycling!
  • Keep on top of posting on Dean’z Doodlez!

Okay, so I think I’ve rambled on enough for this week, and you’ve plenty to read if you haven’t read my post about my bookshop find that I linked above! See ya next week, and I hope you have a good one! 😉

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