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The Weekly Word (16): Bicycling Again!

Okay, so before you go mad and yell “didn’t you just do this?!?” at me, yes I did, but only because I missed last Monday’s slot, and put it up on Wednesday instead. It is now Monday of a brand new week, and we shall begin again, where its meant to be, thank you very much! The Weekly Word is my version of The Building Rome Project as hosted by the very talented Green Embers. Head on over there and see how you too can help Build Rome.

So what has happened since Wednesday, I hear you ask? Well, quite a bit believe it or not! I got paid on Thursday, and decided to spend my money wisely this week instead of wasting it on random crap that adds to the clutter in my room. Firstly, I sent off the renewal form and photos for my passport, and shall have that in the next few weeks. I have been without an active passport now since May 2014, so I think its about time I got a new one. At the same time I was able to renew my dog licence for the two 4 legged critters I call my pets. It was painful to have to pay twice the amount this time around. And then finally I went and got my bicycle fixed! Yes, I am back on my bike ad cycling once again, and boy do I feel the better for it! So if you only joined me here on WBW recently, I got a new bike back in June, but in October (I think) something happened to the bike’s back wheel and I never got around to fixing it. Since then it has been locked up in the shed in my back garden, literally gathering dust, so I dusted it off, brought it down to my local cycle center, and a few hours later it was fixed! I feel a bit silly now, because it was only one small part that was causing the problem, and cost me less than what I thought I would have to pay to get her fixed–which is great!

My bicycle, just after I got her back in early June 2014!
My bicycle, just after I got her back in early June 2014!

So apparantly, even through my frustration, I made my self some (mid-)weekly goals:

  • Pick a new book, and start reading it!

I have started reading Time And Time Again by Ben Elton, and it is a great read. I’m about 150 pages(approx) in and finding it very hard to put down when I do pick it up. Now, it has time travel in it, but its not extremely science fiction-y! It’s about this group of people who want to travel back in time and prevent The Great War from happening. So far they’ve gone back, but I don’t know yet what’s going to happen! I definitely recommend it–oh and it has Isaac Newton in it, too!

  • Walk/Exercise.

Well, like I said above, I got my bicycle fixed and have been cycling in and out of work and then cycling for 20-40 minutes everyday when I can. In fact, I’m heading out as soon as I finish writing this!

  • Keep on track of Dean’z Doodlez (I’ve fallen behind on my posting over there!)

Still some work to do here. I just need to find my mojo for picking up a pencil everyday again! Hopefully cycling will help.

  • Work on getting some stuff for my room (cushions, shelves, storage boxes etc.)

I’ve looked into it, and I have put a deposit down for a new lamp for my room and created a new storage space for all my art supplies, but that’s it for now. I’m pretty broke after all this week’s expenses.


  • Keep cycling everyday!
  • Read. More.
  • Get back on Daily Sketches!
  • Work on stuff for your room.

I’ll keep it at that for this week. See how it goes, and I’ll see you back here next Monday for another Weekly Word! 😉

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  1. Great to see your bike is fixed! Reducing clutter and organizing is such a great idea. I guess it’s Spring! I am kind of doing the same but at a slower pace. 🙂

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