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The Weekly Word (14): Easter Buzz

Hi Folks! I’m full of beans this week as I am writing this! I decided to have coffee at 9PM and go for a walk and believe me when I say I am buzzing! My brain is working faster than ever why do I do this sort of thing to myself? Oh well, Let’s get on with it shall we?

I only worked two days this week, but that’s okay, because I am working 6 days this week–in fact I am more than likely in work now as you are reading this! Let’s hope I am as energetic there as I am now haha! So what happened this week I hear you ask… well only WeeBitWordy’s very 1st Birthday!!! That’s right folks, in case you missed it, WBW turned a big fat ONE on Wednesday April 1st, and that’s no joke! Click here to see that post where I ramble about how the year was and so on. I also had more than my usual three posts out last week–six if I’m not mistaken that’s nearly a whole week of blog posts there–a record here on WBW for sure! Here they all are in chronological order:

Wow that’s a lot of links… sorry future me for having to approve all them! We also celebrated Easter today–no, yesterday–yeah… how great was that?!? I know I stuffed my face with lots of chocolate! And if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you took advantage of it and stuffed your face with chocolate, damn right you did (and shame on you if you didn’t)!

Enough of that now… GOALS PLEASE!


  • Keep reading.

I am, I am! I swear! I even bring my book in to work to read when I am on my lunch break! Do I get bonus points for that?

  • Back on track with your healthy eating and exercise. How are you doing with it?

I was doing great, I even said no to getting take-out. But then Easter Sunday happened… and I ate two whole Easter eggs to myself. Small ones, but two, none the less. I start again today! I promise!

  • Celebrate WBW’s 1st Birthday!

I did indeed! See the six blog posts above!

  • Celebrate Easter!

I ate two whole easter eggs like I just said… I don’t feel so good… *insert puking sounds here*


  • Keep reading.
  • Don’t eat two Easter Eggs in one day!
  • Walk/Exercise more! Try have that coffee and go for a walk at 9AM instead 9PM!!!
  • Look into taking a night class! Something computer/web-design related maybe?
  • You can do it!

See you folks next week! 😉

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