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The Weekly Word (12): St Patrick's Day and Other Shenanigans

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Before we begin, I am posting this as usual on Monday, but have written it today (yesterday to you), because as you’re reading this, I shall probably be en route to Dublin to see the Folks. This week was here and gone before I knew it! I have been working all week since Tuesday with the exception of Saturday! Thankfully I have most of this week off, and will have a bit more to share with you guys!

We had an eventful week here on WBW, it being St Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, I put up an extra little blog post to celebrate the day, which was just a few words from myself wishing you a great day, you can click here if you wish to read that message.

Also on St Patrick’s Day the lovely Katie celebrated the launch of her novella Three Ghosts! I made sure to join in the celebrations by reblogging her post, you might have seen that here on Tuesday but if not click here to see the novella on Amazon, and maybe you might even be enticed to buy the book! Katie also wrote a cracker of a book that she released recently which I had the absolute pleasure of being a beta-reader of called Changelings: Into the Mist which you can also get on Amazon!

That brings us to Wednesday here on WBW, where for the past few weeks I have been participating in a little thing called Wordless Wednesday, where I share a photo/photos that I have taken during the week. It just so happens that the past two week’s photos on Wordless Wednesday have been answers to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge and last weeks challenge was with the prompt of “Wall” which you can see my photo here!

Last, but not least that brings us to Friday, where normally for the past few weeks I have been sharing my Friday Favs, but as it happens, I wasn’t faving anything in particular, so I decided to answer the Okay, What If Challenge set by The Indecisive Eejit. You can click here to see my answer to that, or as I like to call it: My Top 10 “Favourite” Public Transport Moments!

Anyway… enough of that! Now onto how I did with…


  • Keep up the good work on eating healthy and walking and exercise etc.

Thanks, but I wasn’t too great this week! While I did eat healthy wherever was possible, I didn’t exercise much! If walking in and out of work everyday counts, while being on my feet all day in work counts as exercise, then yeah, sure!

  • Read. More.

I actually read quite a lot more than usual this week, than I have been for a few months now. I have fallen behind big time on my reading and have approximately 8-10 books waiting to be read, so this week I took a stand and when I was on my lunch breaks in work, I decided to read as opposed to endlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Also at home, I made more of an effort to read more instead of sticking my head to the laptop, or Netflix, or YouTube, or… you get the picture…

  • Stay on top of Daily Sketches.

I have been Daily Sketching yes, while I may not be as prolific at sharing them over on Dean’z Doodlez, I have been doing them!

  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

See above, and I also was working on St. Patrick’s Day, so I didn’t celebrate it too much. Oh well…


  • Visit friends and family in Dublin
  • Continue to Read. More!
  • Daily Sketches.
  • Keep up the good work on eating healthy and ‘exercising’!

And that covers it for this week! I’ll catch you back here next Monday for another Weekly Word update! 😉

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