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The Weekly Word (11): A Time Flying Week

The Weekly Word is the WBW version of Building Rome created by Green Embers. Click here to see how you too can participate in the Building Rome Project!

So what a quick week, huh? I feel like I only wrote last week’s Weekly Word a day or two ago! The week just flew away on me, and I have a feeling this week will fly away on me too! I’m in work 5 days this week, which is 2-3 days more than I normally work in a week, but hey I ain’t complaining! But if you don’t see a Friday Fav this week, you know why! By the way, did you see last week’s Friday Fav? I dedicated it to the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

On Wednesday’s, I’ve been participating in a little thing I like to call Wordless Wednesday, where I share my favourite photo that I have taken that week. But last week, I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge to help with the photo and last week’s prompt was “orange”. Click here to see my Orange photos!

OK so I set myself some small goals last week, let’s see how I did with them:

  • Continue to stay off junk food and sugary drinks etc. EAT HEALTHY!

I’ve been doing very well with this, although I did have 2 cheat days this week. Last Monday we got pizza for dinner, and then Friday there was a family birthday so I had some cake…

  • Continue to walk as much/often as possible. Look into getting weights?

I didn’t look into getting weights, but I have been walking. I went out on Tuesday and played some sport (kicked a ball, running/catching etc.) for an hour and a half. I even went and brought the dogs for a 30 minute walk afterwards!

  • Schedule Wordless Wednesday and Friday Favs!


  • Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I will do!


  • Keep up the good work on eating healthy and walking and exercise etc.
  • Read. More.
  • Stay on top of Daily Sketches.
  • Celebrate St. Patricks Day

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2 thoughts on “The Weekly Word (11): A Time Flying Week”

    1. It was a great little reminder! I actually forget half the goals I set myself, so to see that this morning when checking off the list was great! ^.^

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