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The Weekly Word (10): Blogging x 3

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Hello hello hello again folks to another Weekly Word! I hope you’ve had a good week and the karma gods have been kind. This week I have some good news, as I have finally gotten my ass into gear with this blog and finally figured out what I am doing here and what direction it is going in! So as you probably figured, there were some extra blog posts here on WeeBitWordy on Wednesday and Friday. These extra blog posts were some things I wanted to try here on the blog and they were moderately successful, one more than the other. This will also be the blog’s new posting schedule, hopefully, if I can stick to it. As you know, Monday is The Weekly Word, Wednesday is now Wordless Wednesday, where I share a photo/photos that I took during the week and the only words in the post are the photo’s caption, and finally on Friday’s we now have Friday Favs where every Friday I share with you guys some of my favourite items/people/things of the week.

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I’m really pleased that I have managed to figure this out, as I was starting to lose focus on this blog, but now I am back in control. I tell you, running three blogs at the same time is not easy. As it stands, I am putting out 10 blog posts a week between all three blogs: 5 over on Dean’z Doodlez, 3 here on WeeBitWordy and 2 over on Dean’z Doodlez Comics!

OK so enough blabbering, let’s see how I got on with my goals for last week:

  • Plan a new painting (something Leonard Nemoy/Spock related?)

Nope. I haven’t touched any paints in over 2 weeks now. Time just isn’t with me on this one at the moment. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I’ll get the urge to get back into my paintings, but for the minute, that’s not really where I am at.

  • Post here on WBW on Wednesday AND maybe Friday!

SUCCESS!!! Holy smokes, I actually stuck to a goal and made it happen! I honestly forgot that I made this goal last week, so it must have been in the back of my head to start posting more regularly here on WBW again! Huzzah!

  • Walk everyday (weather permitting) or do some exercise of some description!

I have and I haven’t been sticking to this one. I do bring the dogs for a good walk when I am not working. I walk them around the block two or three times which takes about 15-20 minutes. And when I am working, I walk in and out of work, which is a 15-20 minute walk each way. So even if I don’t get to go on a walk when I am working, I make up for it by walking in and out of work. Also, I’m on my feet all day serving customers when I’m in work, so I’m burning energy/calories in work too!

  • Continue to stay off junk food and sugary drinks etc. EAT HEALTHY!

It’s difficult, but I am sticking to it. My family are completely on board with what I’m doing at the minute too, so their not forcing me to eat foods that I shouldn’t be and aren’t freaking out that I suddenly stopped eating as much as I used to etc. etc. But it is still a challenge, especially with the amount of foods and drinks that surround us in just our day to day life, but I’m finding it easier and easier with each week that passes as my mind gets stronger and my palette adjusts to this healthy lifestyle change. Tonight though, we might just have a cheat night and order a pizza!


  • Continue to stay off junk food and sugary drinks etc. EAT HEALTHY!
  • Continue to walk as much/often as possible. Look into getting weights?
  • Schedule Wordless Wednesday and Friday Favs!
  • Keep up the good work!

I’ll see you all next week! 😉

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