The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton

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Jack Skellington is the most important figure in Halloweenland and for years he has delighted in organising macabre tricks and frights for Halloween. But this year he doesn’t feel right – there must be more to life than scaring people? Then Jack stumbles upon a cheerful, colourful place called Christmas Town and he knows what he must do – he will bring Christmas to Halloween!

This beautifully designed commemorative edition celebrates the twentieth anniversary of this classic book, written and illustrated by the incomparable visionary Tim Burton.

I’m not reviewing this book because, I love this book. I love this movie. Every bit of it is pure perfection to me.

Whilst out shopping with my family the other day, I stumbled upon this beauty while in a bookstore! As soon as I saw it I said “I have to have it!”. I’ve been a Nightmare Before Christmas fan for over ten years, at least. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the first DVD I picked up of it was a 10th Anniversary edition. And now, another 10 years later, I now have a picture book of it written and illustrated by Tim Burton himself, for the 20th Anniversary!

I remember when I was first introduced to The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was in school, around the age of 13-14. Some friends of mine asked me had I seen it before. When I said I hadn’t heard of it, let alone seen it, they freaked out, and if I’m not mistaken, I had seen by the end of the week. And that’s it. The rest is history. I’ve been hooked ever since!

So if you’re ever looking to get me something as a gift, just know once it’s Nightmare Before Christmas related, I will love it! Have you watched/read it? Do you love it just as much as I do? 🙂


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  1. NMBC is one of my long-time favorites, ever since it was in the theaters the first time around. One of the highlights of my entire concert-going life was seeing Danny Elfman performing some of these songs live at a Tim Burton music event in London a few years ago. It’s just so good!

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